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  1. oceanhugger

    Palomar Health nurse residency fall 2019

    27029 = Trauma Step Down, 27032 = Cardio Acute
  2. oceanhugger

    Palomar Health nurse residency fall 2019

    I received a phone call earlier today with an offer and asking me to accept a position from Lani in HR! The official offer letter came in my email just now!
  3. oceanhugger

    Rady Children's San Diego Fall 2019

    Waiting until August to hear anything is killing me. Lol!
  4. oceanhugger

    Palomar Health nurse residency fall 2019

    I interviewed yesterday and they debrief you after giving all of these details. Each application listed is for one position - so there were 25 applications/positions posted. There were budgeted to add on two more OB/L&D positions... so a total of 27 positions this round. Good luck to us all and I hope that we are all coworkers together!
  5. oceanhugger

    CEN as a new grad ABSN?

    I know it’s been a while, but did you end up taking it?
  6. oceanhugger

    CEN & ENA book 2018

    Have you taken it? I’d like to know your experience with it.
  7. I applied to a VA position for a second round the other day! I’m keeping my hopes up and my fingers crossed! Thanks for the website to the rural recruitment website! I’ll take a look at it!
  8. Hi all, I graduated with my BSN in December 2018, got my RN and PHN in April 2019, and six months out and have only had one interview offer and (I WISH that I were exaggerating) over 80 rejection emails. I also have my BLS, ACLS, and PALS... with NRP on the way. It has become apparent to me that I’m not qualified for the competitive new grad job market in San Diego and possibly California. I’ve been rejected from SNFs and Home Health agencies because I don’t have at least a year of experience. I’ve applied to prisons, schools, camps, amusement parks, and more. I’ve applied all over the state of california at even smaller non-hospital facilities for both RN 1 positions and new grad positions. I need to make ends meet. Yes, I’m depressed about it but I’m still working hard at it - filling out at least one new app every other day and studying for further certifications in the mean time. I’m filling out each job app and writing new cover letters that are very customized to the facility and city that I’m applying to. Bills are stacking up and my student loans have gone into repayment... and not all of them can be deferred or reduced income based repayment. So, now I’m on to plan B. It has been over six months out from graduation. Except for one hospital that I haven’t given up on, there are no more new grad cohorts for me to apply to in my city (San Diego) that would start within one year of me graduating. I don’t have the experience to apply to any local facilities for non-new grad RN 1 positions. So, I’m hoping that I wouldn’t be considered as someone looking to just get into internal hiring for new grad considerations. As of today, I’m going to apply everywhere LOCALLY for CNA/LVN/EDTech spots. I’m placing emphasis on local because I would relocate anywhere in the state of CA for an RN position, but I wouldn’t relocate for a CNA/LVN/EDTech position. Does anybody know of any San Diego facilities will hire an RN in a CNA/LVN/EDTech role? I’m also applying to work in EMT positions on local ambulances. What is the legality of working in those roles as an RN? I just want to know what I’m getting myself into here and what I need to do to protect my RN license. Thanks! - Broker than broke, BSN, RN, PHN, EMT (useless nominals at this point)
  9. oceanhugger

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Summer 2019

    Thank you for this posting! This was really helpful! Congrats and best of luck in the job! I hope to be your coworker soon!
  10. oceanhugger

    Rady Children's New Grad RN Residency Summer 2019

    Hi all - I submitted my application on March 4, received an offer to interview with a request for my top three interview time slot choices on April 9, and interviewed for the ED on April 19. They didn’t tell me a time period that they would contact me and it being over a week now is killing me! I had a panel of 10 people (HR person, floor nruses, preceptors, education leads, night charge, etc.) interview me for the ED and they double booked another person with the same time slot as me but apparently they made a mistake and took me in to interview. Some of the questions I got were: - Introduce yourself and tell us why you? - Why nursing? Why ED and why peds? Why Rady’s? - What do you have to offer that other candidates do not? - What was the biggest adjustment for you in becoming a nurse? - How would you handle a coworker that regularly voiced a lack of confidence in your skills? - How would you handle a dissatisfied family? - Describe a time that you went above and beyond for a patient? - How to handle a prescribed med that I didn’t feel comfortable with? - Prioritize: new admit with difficulty breathing, routine blood sugar, discharge - Have you worked with children before? Describe that experience to us. - There were a few more questions before they described the department in detail along with the program (straight nights for two years, 16 week program, etc.) to me and asked me if I had any questions for them. I’m worried since a previous person posted that they received a same day request for references and I didn’t. I have the office phone and email of the New Graduate Recruiter for the hospital but I’m afraid to contact them honestly... did anybody else apply ED and not hear back yet? I’m hoping that it’s just because my references were already included in the copy of my portfolio that I left behind.
  11. oceanhugger

    Cal State San Marcos ABSN Spring 2017

    Hi all! I was wondering if anybody else admitted to the spring 2017 cohort wanted to meetup for drinks or to chill before our first semester starts! I found the FB group by searching "CSUSM ABSN" but found that I was only one of four members. It looks by this forum to be a low count considering how many have already stated acceptance. For those still in the process of applying and requesting stats: Considered Nursing: 6 January 2016 TEAS Date: 13 February 2016 Applied: 28 June 2016 Application Deadline: 12 August 2016 Academic Evaluation: 14 July 2016 Acceptance Email: 22 July 2016 Submitted Intent $150: 22 July 2016 Awaiting directives for orientation, etc... Pre-Nursing GPA: 3.62 Last 60 GPA: TEAS: 92% Total Admission Points: 49/50 I've been told that the overall program tuition would be around $45,000 plus all of the other costs. I currently live quite the drive away (56 exit Camino Del Sur) to put up with Northbound 15 to 78 traffic/gas costs and am wondering if a group other poor nursing students would interested in perhaps looking in to crowded and cheap housing together. Basically a built in study/stress relief group looking for low cost housing?