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  1. ren.romeo95

    Periop 101 help!

    Hello all. I just transferred into the OR this month and have started my periop 101 classes. So far it’s been us just doing the modules on the AORN website at self pace. This week we will actually have an instructor leading us through lessons every day. With that being said, how in the hell do I study for the periop 101 exam???? It seems like a ton of information and I don’t know where to even begin to get my brain together. I was previously a medsurg nurse and we didn’t have to study this much in order to work on my old unit. I’m excited to learn new things about the OR, but I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to pass the exam because there’s soooo much information being thrown at me. I am more of a hands on learner, so reading text takes me time to understand. Advice is greatly appreciated! We get 2 tries to take this exam and I have a month to study. I just need to know where to start
  2. ren.romeo95

    OR pharm NYP exam???

    You should be able to find a study guide on quizlet. When do you start?
  3. ren.romeo95

    Need advice about New York Presbyterian

    I know this comment is kinda late but no matter how many jobs you apply for, NYP will pull you for the one that you are most fit for

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