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  1. CPMSD

    Where to move in SoCal?

    Not sure of the logistics of a regular move vs moving for travel nursing, but I do know most of the hospital systems here utilize travel nurses and it is a good way to get your foot in the door and have a local address when applying. Anecdotal, but I know nurses who live in the area and still do travel nursing in SD, LA due to the higher pay and flexibility. Your experience should help you regardless of the ADN. Scripps and Sharp in particular still hire a good number of ADN nurses (I was recently hired as a new grad ADN). There is also Alvarado, Palomar Health, Paradise Valley. Temecula Valley Hospital is an hour or less from San Diego and the beaches and has lower cost of living. San Diego is awesome if you can afford it. Good luck on the job hunt and the move!
  2. CPMSD

    Where to move in SoCal?

    Plenty of options for work in the San Diego area. Regarding cost of living, San Diego is going to be comparable to most Southern California coast cities. But the nurse pay is good, and should allow you to afford a 1 bed/studio in a good neighborhood close to the beach. Lower cost of living here = going inland; Temecula, Riverside, San Bernardino. Cheaper housing, but completely different vibe than SD, OC, LA, etc. Have you considered trying to get a travel nursing contract in the area? This would allow you to move here and travel around to find what you like without fully committing to a city/hospital sight unseen.
  3. CPMSD

    Career Changing

    Do you have all your pre-reqs knocked out and ready to apply? If not, getting those done will get you back in the school groove. How about renewing your CNA license and picking up a per-diem or part time gig in a local hospital system while going to school? This allows you to both contribute a bit financially while in school as well as gaining clinical experiences and networking for that future RN job.
  4. CPMSD

    Career Changing

    Will it really be that significant of a salary drop for an RN position in your area? You say you are making $50k annually working 60+hrs per week. I would hope a nurse's salary in TX would be able to beat that pretty easily. As OldDude noted, making it through school is probably the tougher part from a financial standpoint. I'm a late 30's dude with 2 young kids in the middle of nursing school after giving up a cushy office job salary, so I feel you on the fear of lost income. But it's doable at our age, you just have to be willing to step outside your current comfort zone and make some short term sacrifices for the long term gain.
  5. CPMSD

    Future RN needs help!

    Your GPA is great, but as you know that is only one part of your application. Have an honest look at your app and see what you're missing. Have you reached out to your top choice programs to ask how you can improve your application? Maybe consider taking an EMT or CNA course to boost your points and get healthcare experience. LVN to RN programs are just as competitive, if not more so as there are fewer of them.
  6. CPMSD

    Does it matter where you get your BSN from?

    Care to expand? Thanks.
  7. CPMSD

    Does it matter where you get your BSN from?

    Thanks all for the replies. I suppose I should have left the WGU/3.0 out of the discussion. It makes sense that a 3.0 GPA would either disqualify or put one at a severe disadvantage. Basically I'm trying to decide where to go for my RN to BSN? Alot of the online only programs are appealing for both time and financial reasons. My ultimate goal is to get a guard or reserve nurse position after a few years of nursing experience, and I just want to make sure where I get my BSN from doesn't hinder that.
  8. Hello all. I was wondering if the school you get your BSN from matters in regards to selection for service in any branch's nurse corps? I know it has to be ACEN or CCNE accredited. But are things like online only, for profit, competency based/3.0 GPA a la WGU etc taken into account when a candidate is up for selection? Thanks.
  9. CPMSD

    Enlisted reserves to direct commission, or wait until I graduate

    Ask your recruiter if he can guarantee in your contract that you will get OCS and a critical care RN spot. He won't because it's BS and he has no clue if you'll be able to do that. Like jj said, the time you would spend doing basic + AIT would be time better spent working as an RN, getting your BSN, and making yourself a competitive applicant.
  10. CPMSD

    San Diego City College ADN Fall 2017

    The success course was 8 weeks, 1 day a week. City doesn't have night or weekend classes. Normal schedule varies but typically lecture is Mon/Thurs and and clinicals/lab on Tues/Weds.
  11. CPMSD

    ATI TEAS in california

    As far as I know there is no difference between a TEAS taken in California vs any other state. There is a whole section dedicated to the TEAS in the "Students" forum section. Good luck.
  12. Shibaowner gave great advice. I went thru the same thing so I know it can be disheartening to check online and see the classes you need are full and you still have 2 weeks until you can even register! Do you have a specific nursing program that you plan on applying to? Because that could influence your pre-req options and needs. Otherwise, in SDCCD you have to be prepared to be flexible and prioritize your class crashing. On a good note, you will notice that first time community college students drop like flies, so if you manage to secure a waitlist seat there is still a decent chance you'll make it into the class.
  13. CPMSD

    Article 15 and BSN future?

    I don't think you will have to worry about this. As Chare said, it is highly unlikely that an NJP will pop on your record, especially if it not associated with any civilian legal offense (DUI, assault, etc.) If you think about it, you were never actually charged with breaking any sort of law, and since it didn't escalate to a court martial hearing there was never any "conviction" or finding of guilt. But this is just me playing barracks lawyer. If you are really worried you may want to cross post over in the government/military forum as there may be someone over there that may have had a similar experience.
  14. You say the only reason you want to stay in is the SLRP. Are you currently receiving it, or are you just thinking you'll try and get it when you re-up? I ask because, as you may or may not be aware, that the SLRP is only for existing student load debt, and excludes private loans. You need to ask both what will you get out of your Guard service, and what will the Guard get out of you. If you can't manage you need to consider the consequences it could have on your future service options. If you are having issue w/ PT now, it's probably not going to get better when you add school in the mix. I worked full time, attended school (B.A. program at a UC) full time, had a new family, and was in the Guard. I pulled it off but it sucked for 2 years. I think it burned me out on the Guard, and I very much became that salty NCO I never wanted to be. I got out a couple of years ago. I'm about to start a nursing program and there is no way I'd want to juggle all that again. Something would suffer. Maybe I'll revisit military service after school. Or not. TLDR: Nah, probably not worth it. Get out, get your nursing. Go back in after school if you want and make that Officer money.
  15. CPMSD

    San Diego City College ADN Fall 2017

    Hmm, that is odd. When I search it pops up with the others, but I had to hit "see all" on my phone to show it. The privacy setting should allow you to find it. PM me your info if you can't find it and I will friend and invite you. Can't post the link here due to TOS restrictions