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Ashley Hay, BSN, RN has 10 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in Pediatric & Adult Oncology.

Over 10 years of nursing experience in several areas of Pediatric & Adult Oncology including clinical research, chemotherapy, transplant, hematology, proton therapy, GI surgery, wound care, post anesthesia recovery, etc. I really enjoy reading, cooking, yoga and the beach during my time off. Becoming a writer has been an aspiration of mine for many years - I'm so glad allnurses was willing to give me my start in a field I am so passionate about. Looking forward to getting to know all of you in this great online community. :: Visit my website at ::

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  1. Are You Doing it Right? Taking Accurate BPs

    In my personal healthcare experiences, I've noticed several healthcare providers (HCPs) taking blood pressures quickly and often inaccurately. I'm sure you have too. This simple task can sometimes be rushed due to the lack of time providers have avai...
  2. To Keep or Ditch Past Certifications?

    So, is it worth it? BenefitBecoming certified in your area of expertise has many benefits to both the nurse and his/her patients. Obtaining certification demonstrates to your peers, management and patients that you are an expert in the field and have...
  3. At Home Office Essentials for Freelance Writers

    When I began writing from home, I had a sluggish ten year old laptop and my tiny desk was shared with my less than organized husband, the conditions were not ideal. The funny part is, at the start, I didn't even realize what I needed to be more effic...
  4. What Are You Thankful For?

    Thanks for reading - glad you enjoyed it. This is not to say I haven't experienced my fair share of frustrations and struggles with nursing - but I find it helps to look at it from all angles and have gratitude for all it has given me, as well. Than...
  5. What Are You Thankful For?

    With the fall season in full swing, themes of pumpkin flavored everything, brightly colored foliage and crisp mornings are all around us. While I will not deny my undying love for pumpkin spice lattes, another important thought also comes to mind dur...
  6. The Underestimated Benefit of Ancillary Staff

    Couldn't agree more. Thanks for your comment!
  7. The Underestimated Benefit of Ancillary Staff

    Thanks for bringing this up! I completely forgot to mention volunteers - and I've worked with some pretty amazing ones. They are a huge asset to any unit.
  8. The Underestimated Benefit of Ancillary Staff

    Hi Missmollie, Thanks for your concern but I have to politely disagree. I've worked in several healthcare settings over the years and this article was based on a collection of different experiences, not just one. I think it's important to openly (and...
  9. The Underestimated Benefit of Ancillary Staff

    Having worked in multiple healthcare settings, many of us have seen how differently each unit can function. While no two units will be the same naturally, differences can be attributed to many factors, including patient acuity, management style, staf...
  10. Hypernatremia: You are "FRIED"

    So sorry for the confusion. When I write the articles (with students in mind) I always do my best to research topics and write as clearly as possible, my apologies. Thanks for reaching out to clarify.
  11. Hypernatremia: You are "FRIED"

    Thank you for catching the mistake! While I was excited to learn about hypernatremia more in depth by writing this article, it is not my area of expertise and I apologize for the mistake. Thanks for reading and for your valuable input!
  12. Hypernatremia: You are "FRIED"

    According the Cleveland Clinic, "Hypernatremia is defined as a serum sodium concentration greater than 145 mmol/L. It is most commonly caused by the loss of water via the skin, urine, or gastrointestinal (GI) tract. In all cases, loss of access to wa...
  13. IV Placement Hacks

    Couldn't agree more with the answer below. It's a matter of advancing just a teeny tiny bit more, then advancing the catheter only (not the needle). Great in depth explanation! "Take the opportunity to look at your preferred IV catheter closely (you...
  14. IV Placement Hacks

    We all have our strong suits. What's yours? Maybe it's code management, mediport access, or another technical skill that requires just the right amount knowledge and finesse. There's always that "go-to" nurse on every unit. Staff turn to the expert o...
  15. Day in the Life of a Peds Onc RN

    Thanks for reading @spotangel!