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  1. Hi all! I am looking for a bit of guidance and perhaps a little space to vent. I am a student who is half-way through the completion of an Accelerated BSN program (recently finished our Med-Surg II course) and I am happy to report I have loved every moment. However, with the need for substitute clinical experiences (I.e. virtual simulations) I am beginning to worry about my readiness as a future nurse. I have always been interested in working with the Peds/OB population, but with the current situation I will be unable to ever experience the hands-on skills that are unique to caring for infants and children. I am worried that without any valuable hands-on experiences as a student, I will be far less hirable for a position in the field than others who have stepped foot on that floor... it seems to me that a new hire like myself would take longer to orient and I could understand many hospitals seeing that as undesirable/not wanting to commit their resources in that way. Does anyone else have similar concerns or maybe some insight on what this could look like for future applicants in similar situations? Any and all opinions are welcome! In the big picture: I realize that all over the country, students are being effected by these same issues. We are in this together, and the most important thing we can do is to protect ourselves, be alert, and finish school so we can do our part on the frontlines in the coming months and years. Keep yourselves safe and be well!❤️
  2. ALittleNightMusic

    Ursuline College [Ohio] 2019 ABSN

    Congrats to you as well! As for housing, I recently signed a lease on a one-bedroom apartment in the Mayfield Heights area that I am quite happy with. Good options there and in areas like Shaker Heights and even University Circle... Luckily, my S.O. lives in the Cleveland area and was able to give me a number of helpful suggestions, since I'm no expert!
  3. ALittleNightMusic

    Ursuline College [Ohio] 2019 ABSN

    Update: I've been accepted!!! 🙂 Really excited to start this Fall but now I'm even more nervous lol. I'm from Columbus, Ohio so the transition to the Cleveland area will not be so different. Just hoping this is the start to a very long and happy career! Anyone else from the Fall 2019 cohort, feel free to message me. I'd love to get to know more people!
  4. ALittleNightMusic

    Ursuline College [Ohio] 2019 ABSN

    I sent in my application for the Fall 2019 cohort about three weeks ago. I've been told that we should be hearing about the decision any day now and I'm keeping my fingers crossed... Ursuline seems like a great school. Very knowledgable staff and great success rates! Anyone else applying/admitted for Fall 19'? Curious to know everyone's age/location/occupation! Good luck to you all!
  5. ALittleNightMusic

    Considering Transferring Colleges to Obtain BSN?

    Hello everyone! This is my first of (hopefully) many posts on this forum. I am an undergraduate sophomore at Miami University. I am majoring in Psychology and minoring in Neuroscience. My university does not offer a BSN program, however I love my school and have received a wonderful education thus far. My concern is based on the fact that I want to be a nurse (most likely working in psychiatric care). I did not realize at first that nursing was what I wanted, but with more and more research, I am learning that this is the correct path for me. That leaves me with a bit of a conundrum. Do I transfer away from the school that I love in hopes of being accepted to a new program starting my junior year? Or do I wait and apply for an accelerated BSN/RN after I graduate? Ultimately my goal is to pursue an MSN or DNP but for now I'm trying to look at the immediate picture and figure out my options. Has anyone else been in this situation? What did you do? Thanks for all of your help! :)