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  1. UCO Spring 2017 (traditional)

    How was the meeting yesterday? I can't figure out a way to send a private message with my contact info to someone. Could anyone summarize what they went over? Did they mention when enrollment would be open for Foundations? Thanks! :)
  2. UCO Spring 2017 (traditional)

    I work full time right now until December. I wasn't planning on working during the first semester but if I'm only taking 7 hrs I may try to work part time too. I'm doing my CPR next Wednesday and doing all my titers, PPD, and get my flu shot next we...
  3. UCO Spring 2017 (traditional)

    That would be awesome -- thank you so much! I will see if I PM you my contact info. Re: enrollment, from what I understood is that they have to manually add the people to be able to enroll in Fundamentals. Because of that, they usually wait until clo...
  4. UCO Spring 2017 (traditional)

    I am unable to go to the November 18th meeting. Would anyone be able to pick up extra handouts or email me a copy/picture of them? I spoke to the lady at the front desk in the nursing office today and she said it's mostly just going over uniform, enr...
  5. living situation while in nursing school

    I am 33 and I moved back home for nursing school! Do NOT move out and take on more debt and stress just because of what other people may think. I am divorced, and I moved out of home at age 18 and didn't look back -- until now. There is NO reason to ...
  6. UCO Spring 2017 (traditional)

    I live in Edmond and I still didn't get mine until yesterday. I was worried too, but I bet you'll get yours tomorrow. I know the anticipation is brutal!
  7. UCO Spring 2017 (traditional)

    It finally came! I got in as well!!! Looks like we have a lot to do! Congrats again to you (us!) all!
  8. UCO Spring 2017 (traditional)

    I waited on the mail until 4:30 and I didn't get my letter yet. Ugh! Maybe it will come today. I'm starting to worry now! Congrats to you both though! :)
  9. UCO Spring 2017 (traditional)

    I came here to post the same thing! I live in Edmond, so hopefully the post office won't take too long! I am so excited, but also on pins and needles now!!
  10. UCO Spring 2017 (traditional)

    From what I understand they do take the GPA of the last 30 hours! I was glad to hear that because that's a 4.0 for me as well. One of my professors was on the decision board for years and I spoke to her briefly about it. She seemed to think with my s...
  11. OCCC Spring 2017

    I applied for the Spring 2017. I think will 18 you'll be more than okay! I believe they are any science classes, with a max of 6 points from them.
  12. OCCC Spring 2017

    This is all secondhand (and probably thirdhand) knowledge, so take it with a grain of salt. It's been awhile since I heard, but I want to say it was around 15 with the lowest accepting being a 13. I applied with 14. I missed 2 points by making a 95 o...
  13. OCCC Spring 2017

    I am applying to both UCO and OCCC for the Spring 2017 semester. All of my CPT tests are over 2 years old as of June, so I need to retake those for the preference points. I plan on doing that next Monday and then sending off my application. I love OC...
  14. UCO Nursing Admission

    The nursing advisor has a sheet of all the average GPA's and TEAS test scores. I know the last group accepted had an average of about 79% on the TEAS. I can't recall the overall GPA average, but I believe it was a range around a 3.7-something to a 4....
  15. UCO Spring 2017 (traditional)

    The deadline for UCO's traditional RN program for Spring 2017 is coming up on September 9th! I have seen posts in the past of students connecting, so I thought I would give it a shot. :) Acceptance letters, I was told, should go out around Thanksgivi...