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  1. Roda dendron

    Is this even Legal?

    We normally have 3 nurses working per shift but i have a coming up shift where Im the only one on the schedule to work this particular day. I was told that they have tired to get other nurses to come help that day but are not having any luck. its a 16 bed unit. If im the only one who shows up that day not only will i be charge, admit, discharge nurse but ill also have 16 pts to assess and chart on. Is this even Legal? What do I do in a situation such as this?
  2. Roda dendron

    Unsafe on the Psych Ward.

    I work on a 16 bed unit. When I first started a year ago we had safe nurse pt ratios. Here recently we are lucky if we have 2 nurses and 1 tech on most days. In the past year i have seen many nurses leave and more to go soon, and no new nurses being replaced. The floor has recently renovated the rooms but I can't help but to feel that they may be shutting this unit down soon. The higher up's are not making any strides to hire and train new nurses and the staff that we have left are burnt out and we fear our safety. We have psychotic pts who get violent. Is there any way that staff can find out if a floor is going to shut down soon? is there anyone staff can call to report the short staffing without backlash if found out? I am in in a contract and I am a new nurse (RN). Any advice is appreciated thanks!
  3. Hello everyone I work on a 16 pt unit. Over the past year I have seen many nurses leave and no new nurses hired. We are working with the bare minimum and it has been hard and stressful these past few weeks. To make it even harder we have three more nurses leaving at the end of the month and one going part time, Making a total of 11 nurses that have left over the past 12 months. We are lucky if we have 2 nurses on the floor and 2 techs each shift. I work on a psych ward the lack of hands on deck makes it scary when the pts get violent, safety has become a big concern for us. Im just wondering why they are not working hard to get us new staff. Their reply for this poor Productivity and not enough money. Our company was recently bought out by another company and I'm wondering if they have plans to shut us down. My gut keeps telling me to transfer to another floor. When I was hired I was under the impression that I would eventually get to work my 3 12 hour shifts back to back so I could spend more time with my family. But they have me flopping between 12 hr day shift and 8 hr evening shifts. Yes this particular floor does 12 hr shifts and 8 hr shifts and it makes it hard for me to spend time with my 8 year old daughter sometimes i go days without seeing her. Thankfully I have made it one year into my contract and I am eligible for a transfer at this point. I would greatly appreciate some advice and some input on this situation and do you believe they may be preparing to shut down this unit and if so should I make my move now?
  4. Roda dendron

    Need help defining ethical dilemmas

    More like punishment haha
  5. Roda dendron

    Need help defining ethical dilemmas

    No, APA paper almost done with it but im stuck on this one particular area.
  6. What are some examples of ethical dilemmas that pediatric nurses encounter when caring for a patient with cancer and how does this affect the care we provide as nurses? Please help i need examples.
  7. Roda dendron

    Critical Thinking

    How rude. Who's to say this is not just a general question?!
  8. Roda dendron

    Why do you think nurses leave the profession?

    What do you mean by device industry? can you explain? thank you.
  9. Roda dendron

    What are your thoughts?

    I wrote a report that was "supposedly" sent Up the chain. However, I doubt it ever was. The facility has a high turnover rate. (now I know why). I have come to believe its a Management problem. Being the reason I'm no longer there. When you have CNA's cutting each other up with box cutters and the LPN"s car's getting vandalized and The Executive director not implementing rules, well i guess these types of issues arise. I just hope that all nursing jobs aren't like this. this was a bad experience for my first nursing job. This particular Med tech went into my patient's room and talked bad about me in front of my patients, the higher ups did nothing about it. Please tell me that all ALF's are like this?
  10. Roda dendron

    What are your thoughts?

    My first Nursing job out of college was at an ALF, which I no longer work at. I was hired as Nurse supervisor over the Med Techs and CNA's. All staff was to wear blue scrubs, have short nails, come in on time etc (basic rules that were in the handbook.) We had this one MedTech/CNA who had long nails (even hurt a patient with them once, but she continued to wear them) she would come in wearing whatever scrubs with a white nurses vest, She even came into work late (1.5hrs late) a few times, She didn't like for anyone to count her narc drawer when she was late, she would take selfies on company time and post them to facebook and it was written in the handbook that being on cell phones while clocked in was a "no no", she even call's herself a "nurse" but where's her credentials? . When these issues were brought up to Management And the Executive director they swept it under the rug, But yet the expect the Nures to follow the rule book and to do our jobs as we were hired to do. Management assigns her the med cart near the Nurses station where she sits at and plays on facebook and takes selfies most of the day. I don't understand how one could get away with such things other than maybe she works long hours (well not really if she's playing on her phone most of the time). Someone said to me "she must know where the bodies are buried, so to speak). Does anyone have any ideas as to why she gets away with this behavior at work? Has anyone ever seen this go on before in their place of employment? if so how was it resolved and how did the end result turn out?
  11. Roda dendron

    Mental Illness Question

    Hey, Im taking my Psych nursing course this semester. I am doing a paper on mental health in the community so far i have: Teen's -they can develop mental illness during drug and alcohol abuse. I have The elderly population that can develop mental illness (dementia) just to name a few.
  12. Roda dendron

    Mental Illness Question

    What are some populations that are at risk for mental illness within a community? Any psych Nurses in the area that can help answer this question. I am writing a paper and so far I have come up with: The teenage population. they may develop mental illness accompanied with drug abuse, just to name a few. Forgive me if i seem loopy My brain is foggy I have been typing, staring at this computer screen all day long.
  13. Roda dendron

    Question about Cussing on the job.

    This particular CNA was in my patients room bad mouthing me in front of my Patient and two other CNA's. I told her to pack her **** and go home for the day. This all transpired after i Asked another CNA to get a patient out of bed and down for breakfast, whom refused to do ask i instructed her to do. keep in mind i am/was a shift supervisor over the floor and have recently left this job because the higher ups wont back up their LPN's in such events. Seems to me the higher up's just want a warm body in the building who holds a license to practice and they give the CNA's and Med Tech's the run of the place. Since i have been employed there we have had CNA's cut each other with box cutters in the building, Cars being vandalized in the parking lot, a long with a high turn over rate, this place is like a revolving door. This particular CNA works long hours due to the short staffing, Because she works long ours the Higher ups let her get away with pretty much anything, we as supervisors are Told to enforce the rules, however when we enforce the rules they don't have our backs especially when it comes to this particular employee. she comes to work wearing what ever color scrub she likes, she has long acrylic fingernails which she has scratched a patient with. it makes it hard for us to do our jobs, and i feel like this is why I lashed out like i did. Needless to say i dont work there anymore by my own choice.
  14. Roda dendron

    What Direction should I go in.

    I recently just left my First Nursing job due to going back to college to get my RN and because i'm not too fond how how Nursing home's and LTC facilities are being ran by the higher ups, i'm also not too fond of the Cliques, gossip that run rampant through those places, it reminds me too much of being back in high school. I lasted nearly 8 months at this first job but with school starting in less than 3 weeks i was a Sweet relief to leave that place even though I Loved working with the residents. Now that i know how it is like in those settings, What is it like working in a Hospital setting? Its it more professional, Is it more about team work, which is what i'm looking for. Im just not sure what direction I want to go in, in the nursing field. Im very type A, Im pretty much an introvert with most people but i love nurse patient interaction. I would love to learn how to start IV's. Someone mentioned for me to check out the Emergency room. Any suggestions?
  15. Roda dendron

    How do you Feel about...

    As a Nurse, We had to take 2 semesters, 8 months of Pharmacology. At LTC facilities and such Medication Techs/Medication Aids take a minimum amount of training to pass medications Under our supervision (license) Does this many anyone else nervous besides me?