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  1. GInurse

    Help! Need info on NJ tubes

    WELL, We place NJ's endoscopically, I really don't think they can be safely placed any other way. As far as placement, the tube should be weighted to prevent migration, and air bolus or aspiration of contents is not effective for determining pla...
  2. GInurse

    Distance learning RN degree

    I agree Jared. I was an LPN and put off going back to obtain my ADN degree for 5 years. I still wouldn't have been able to do it if it were not for the distance learning program. I took ALL my pre-req's via telecourse or internet, with the excepti...
  3. I work for a gastroenterologist and assist with endoscopy daily. I am the one who administers the conscious sedation and I determine how much medication is enough. He has given me that responsibility. While I do agree with the above post, there IS an...
  4. Me too! What's the deal with moving things around on us anyway?!? Oh well. I too am a "New grad" although I have been practicing as an LPN for the past 7 years. I am competent, bright, and insightful, but never the less worried about passing t...
  5. GInurse

    Christian Nurses

    A little off the subject, BUT do any of you watch, or have any of you seen "CROSSING OVER WITH JOHN EDWARD" On the Sci-fi channel? It certainly opens your mind and makes you ask some long overdue questions regarding your religious beliefs. I would lo...
  6. GInurse

    Funny Names for Nurses

    We recently had a patient named B A pickle and last year we had a patient named Bud Fuchs! WE also have a cardiovascular surgeon named Dr. Hartsuck.
  7. GInurse

    Is nursing a "calling"

    Do I feel that nursing is a calling? Well I have to agree with all the other posts and say yes, and no. My story: I was 23 years old, a high school dropout, in the middle of a divorce, had 2 small children ages 3 and 5, living in a 2 bedro...
  8. GInurse

    My 9 year old working on an ulcer!?!?

    As a Gi nurse, I feel that there are several ohter things you need to know. From his symptoms, having abdominal cramping since Saturday, exacerbated whenever he eats anything. He has been a little constipated, has had a few small BMs, nothing exci...
  9. GInurse

    What are you worth in pay?

    I agree nurse4kids! RN/LPN pay should be different, but based on performance and experience. I am an LPN, have been for 7 years, just finished my RN program and I just got a raise in pay, $1.00 per hour for now, and then another $1.00 per hour when...
  10. GInurse


    I have just completed my education by way of distance learning. I successfully completed the program, but feel that it is not for everyone. My questions are: 1. Has anyone else obtained their degree by this means? 2. What are your opinions rega...
  11. GInurse

    NO LUNCH BREAKS ?*!$??

    I work for a gastroenterologist and we schedule from 8 am to 430 pm. We NEVER take a lunch break. We are either rounding at the hospital, seeing patients at the office, or doing endoscopy. One of the office girls is responsible for retrieving the ...
  12. GInurse

    Not FDA approved

    You have a liscence that requires you to give safe and effectve care. If you are administering a drug via a route that is not FDA approved for that drug, you are responisble, no matter what the order is. Period. It is ALWAYS a nursing judgement cal...
  13. GInurse


    Explain to me what an IVIG is.
  14. GInurse

    Why do we eat our young?

    I have talked with nurses of all degrees and certifications at various settings about this, and I cannot seem to figure out why we are so brutal to one another. If our main goal is to be a proficent healthcare provider/teacher, what is the point of ...
  15. GInurse

    Casual Days

    I understand your concerns and share your professional views. We as nurses are required by law in most states to identify ourselves, with at least a name badge, when we are "on the clock". I work in a physician's office and asssist with endoscopic p...
  16. I am writing an article for our local nursing publication, and I need feedback regarding ethical issues that nurses face on a daily basis. Please post your issues and what you did to resolve them. Thanks! Dee ------------------