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    Should I be a nurse with G.A.D?

    Hello everyone, So, I am having some issues right now that s causing me a lot of stress and anxiety. Hopefully I can get some of your opinions since I feel like no one I've spoken to really understands my perspective. *SORRY IF ITS A LITTLE LONG* I was diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder/ depression when I was 14 years old. I'm now on fluoxetine 20mg. I had to get alprazolam 0.5mg to shorten those moments when I would have "episodes" which could last weeks at a times. I had to leave a job as a cashier because of my constant anxiety attacks and refuse to work as a cashier again. I had an anxiety attack while driving about 6 months ago, good thing my dad was with me to take the wheel AND AGAIN I haven't driven ever since. I know avoiding these things are bad but I'm working on it. I am waiting on a insurance change to see my psychiatrist again (cause i refuse to see a different one) Now that I have given a bit of my backstory, I can get to my reason for writing to you all. Ever since I was 13 yrs old I knew I wanted to be a nurse. After doing research for a class project I became in love with the idea of being a neonatal nurse practitioner one day. I hadn't changed my mind since, until now 11 yrs later. Now I finally have the opportunity to enroll in nursing school. I've been doing my research and suddenly I am TERRIFIED! Going to open houses for colleges and seeing the simulation room for nursing schools gave me so much anxiety and fear. I've literally cried because something I've been at peace with for so long has now become my biggest fear. What if I can't handle it? I fear wasting money and time on a career that may be too much for me. I have considered going for radiology technologist, which I'm okay with too but its not the same as going for a career I've dreamt of since I was a kid. Can anyone give me some insight on what its like being a nurse in general? What do you do on a day to day basis? How is the pressure and workload? Are you a nurse with G.A.D/Depression? If so, how do you deal with it? Also, is there a unit that I could work in that maybe isn't as stressful and the NICU? Any advice can help I really appreciate your time. Thanks -Jess

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