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  1. NamasteNurse8

    New York State RN App Denial

    Hi Oldmahubbard, your moral support is much appreciated. NYU costs $74k per academic year so the $160K are my federal and private loans - a hefty investment for the future I am hoping to achieve. My loans would not be as daunting due to loan forgiveness of up to 80% of the debt through the Nurse Corps Program after completing my two-year service obligation for the scholarship. I am going to apply for New York State's Certificate of Good Conduct with the hopes of obtaining said certificate to submit with my next appeal.
  2. NamasteNurse8

    New York State RN App Denial

    Thank you, Jory. Yes, NYU does a federal background check but my crimes were not on a list for disqualification. I did not realize what a long shot this was until now.
  3. NamasteNurse8

    New York State RN App Denial

    Hello colleagues and fellow anxiety-ridden humans, I have quite the situation and I am in shambles after receiving a denial from the Administrative Hearing Panel (2 against:1 for licensing). Crimes: 2002 - Class A Misdemeanor for shoplifting in Texas at the age of 17 Result: successful completion of a Deferred Adjudication program one year later. 2004 - 2 Felonies in Texas - (1) Fraudulent Use or Possession of Identifying Information and (2) credit card abuse from an employer. Initial Result: 5-years probation 2007 - 1 Felony in Louisiana for theft from an employer for stealing clothes Result: Sentenced to 1-year in the Dept. of Corrections (prison) 2004 Texas Felonies follow-up result: previous probation revoked after being released from prison. Education and dedication: 2012-2013 Medical Assistant School | GPA 4.0 2013-2015 Westchester Community Colleague for Nursing Pre-req.s | GPA 3.85 2015-2018 New York University College of Nursing | GPA 3.45 Scholarship: 2017-2018 Federal HRSA Nurse Corps Award Recipient This scholarship has a 2-year work requirement For an inability to obtain my license, the program put me in Breach of Contract earlier this year Punitive results: requirement to repay $60,000.00 scholarship within 3-years May 2018 BSN graduation and passed the NCLEX-RN in August 2018. The earlier criminal behavior was a complicated result of low self-esteem, self-destructive behaviors, and misdiagnosed Bi-Polar Disorder that led to unthinkable actions I've deeply regretted each day for years. This criminal record does not comport with the person I am now as I have been working with or for vulnerable populations from the fall of 2015 to present. In my current role as an administrative coordinator, I process reimbursements and coordinate travel yielding access to peoples identifying documents and millions in grant funding that I do not steal or misuse. When I was younger, unrelenting feelings of worthlessness prompted me to act in the most self-destructive manner possible because I believed I had nothing to lose. Now, I have everything to lose: a viable future, my 9-year-old child, and my freedom. Not to mention, if I am reincarcerated, I will default on a current balance of $160,000 in student loans and default on that $60,000 scholarship that will turn into a loan requiring repayment w/in 3-years. It is not hard to see why the initial panel required the moral character hearing but the hearing panels 2:1 vote has me on the fence about how to move forward. The silver lining is that my rehabilitates efforts were able to convince one person on the panel. Plans to move forward: Aquacise for now or for good since I am out of funds to fight Apply in another state (an attorney recommended rural states) Find a pro-bono attorney to appeal the panel's decision & keep fighting in NYS I need guidance, honesty, and a miracle.