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  1. KellbellzRN

    Nursing Program in Lafayette!! (SLCC)

    It depends on the students you are competing with to get a spot. Score high.
  2. KellbellzRN

    calculator on the TEAS?

    The math on the TEAS V is no calculator and can go from simple fractions to algebra or higher... paper and pencil and it gives you under an hour.
  3. KellbellzRN

    Nursing Program in Lafayette!! (SLCC)

    It went just fine. It's not a cake walk. Every moment you take is a moment to study. You teach yourself and worry about yourself no matter what school you go to and in life if you can teach someone else, in turn you teach yourself. Use the resources they give you and hustle very hard. If they say do ATI, do ATI 3 times. If they say do a care plan, add details so that you can learn about medications and diseases, not to turn in a paper. If they ask you to do a skill, show them that you can. When not in school, people will expect you to do these things even if you are new and some aren't so nice. Be you, be great, and strive. -SLCC, Lafayette, RN class of 2016. My first and only RN Nclex test took me under an hour and then I found out I passed a few days later... then went straight to work the very next day as an RN in charge of ventilated patients with cardiac gtts, etc. Currently getting a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from Lamar in Beaumont, Tx. Other students from the first class have choosen McNeese. We were not Guinea pigs Several work in ICU, ER, and as educators, etc.