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    Recent Unitek RN Grads/Current Attendees

    How was the transition class ? I hear mixed reviews
  2. Jstina

    Sterile processing to Lvn to RN

    Hello all, this is is my first time joining allnurses. I've been looking and researching my future nursing career for a a couple of years now. A little background that I have in the medical field I started off as a receptionist at Kaiser. I did Sterile processing before I got hired only because it was cheaper than LVN. I wanted to do RN for many years and I have been taking prereqs for the past five years because I have two children and I have been working. I always wanted to start off and do LVN but the cost of it was always something that I was afraid of which led me to sterile processing. I worked as a sterile processing technician only to realize that I hated it. It had nothing to do with patient care (which is what I was passionate about and interested in). Now that I have a really horrible manager and she hasn't given me any hours as I am an on call sterile processing technician.. I decided to do LVN first before I applied to RN. Is this the route that many of you have taken? I am 26 years old and I feel like I really want to get my foot in the door being a nurse and start off with LVN to get that good foundation of nursing. I know that it does take a year longer but seeing how compacted the RN programs I am not sure if it may or may not be a better change since I would already be an LVN. I already enrolled in the LVN program that starts in October this year. I have only 6 classes left as well to apply to RN schools and get my A.A in health science. My backup plan was originally to go to San Jose state in healthcare management if I didn't get into a nursing program since the wait list and compaction always scared me. Sometimes I am definitely scared of how much the LVN program is and if I am taking the correct route. Again my situation is I'm needing to get in to work right away to support my family, finish my prereqs for nursing AND get as much knowledge and experience I can bring a nurse already. What do you guys think ?