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    Advice regarding staffing in SNF

    I am a new RN who has worked for 6 months in a SNF. Overall, I enjoy my job because we work with many acute cases directly from the hospital and I have learned many new skills and feel that I am continuing to learn. The drawback is the patient:nurse ratio. On average, I have 8-12 patients with 0.5-1 aide. This means that I often need to help with aide work (which I don't mind if I had time!) but with PICC lines, feeding tubes and LVADS to deal with, I feel that I cannot give anyone the proper amount of time. I often leave work wondering what I have missed since I was running from one room to another. We are also required to punch out on time and no OT is allowed. This also means that I need to cram in my charting, often writing the same thing that I wrote the previous day. So I feel that I am not giving the proper care that I should be giving. I have read many posts on this forum about pat/nurse ratios and I realize that many SNF/LTC are like this so I am not surprised but I feel like I am working in unsafe conditions and have started looking at new jobs. My concern is if this is the new normal in other facilities such as hospitals, clinics, etc? or are these horrible ratios contained only to SNF/LTC facilities?
  2. I wish people would stop bashing for-profit schools. They get a bad rap for being expensive and deceitful but in reality they often prepare students better than public universities would. I currently attend a for-profit school and I absolutely have had the best experience. I also teach at one in a different field and my school has a high percentage rate of students passing their national boards. Every school can have bad teachers and bad students; not just for-profits.