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nurse397 has 25 years experience as a ADN, CNA, LPN, RN and specializes in Neuro/Renal/MS.

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  1. Hybrid LVN to RN schools for California Nurses!

    It's an ADN.
  2. Hybrid LVN to RN schools for California Nurses!

    As posted in the reply above, it starts every Jan with graduation in Dec, 1 year.
  3. Hybrid LVN to RN schools for California Nurses!

    You can drive if you want to, but yes you have to do clinicals in Hutchinson. Yes it's accredited in all 50 states. The two people in my class that are from Ca did take the NCLEX for Kansas then got their Ca license.
  4. California Lvn going out of state for RN?

    Hi there, Though I don't live in Ca, I graduated from the LPN to RN bridge program through Hutchinson Comm College. There were 2 students that were from Ca in my class. They both took the NCLEX for the Kansas BON, then applied for the Ca license...
  5. I hope you don't mind me sending you a private message. If you're looking for an alternative LPN/LVN to RN program it's a great one, in my opinion. As long as you're able to travel to Kansas for clinicals, it's completely doable. In my class we had people from 7 different states and 2 from Canada. It's just highly competitive, due to the limited amount of students accepted each year. 

    Acceptance into the program is solely based on a points system. Points are based on your grade in each prerequisite class and section on the Kaplan entrance exam. I had mostly A's and a couple of B's and got in. 

    Good luck. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. 


  6. Accepted!!

    Hi, I'm not an RN in LA, but there were 2 people in my class last year (2020) that were from Ca. One was from LA and the other from the Sacramento area. Both of them didn't have any issues applying or getting into the program. What they had to d...
  7. LPN to RN online only.

    Yes they do allow some clinicals in your last semester to be done in your area. But the school and the hospital have to work out a contract if one isn't already in place. I wasn't able to accomplish this. Probably related to Covid and contracts not b...
  8. LPN to RN online only.

    Yes for the Hutchinson Community College you need prerequisites completed before you can apply to the program. Most of mine we're done through my LPN courses, but I did have to complete a few that weren't.
  9. Accepted!!

    Don't waste your money on the Kaplan study book. The only part in it that was a little bit helpful was the Reading Comprehension, but you can find the same basic thing online. I honestly found Kaplan, TEAS, and HESI test preps online and just studied...
  10. LPN to RN online only.

    Have you looked at Hutchinson Community College in Kansas. They have an LPN to ADN online bridge program. You do have to travel there for clinicals, but they are done in large blocks at a time so travel is cut to a minimum. I can't say enough good th...
  11. Accepted!!

    Yes I took Micro through Edukan at Pratt Comm College online. There was no problem with the transfer being accepted. Hutchinson just doesn't offer an online Micro class.
  12. Hybrid LVN to RN schools for California Nurses!

    I just graduated in 2020 from LPN/LVN/Medic to RN online program at Hutchinson. The deadline for application is 7/30 with acceptance letters going out in Oct. The program starts in Jan with graduation in Dec. I cannot say enough good things abo...
  13. Hybrid LVN to RN schools for California Nurses!

  14. Online RN Programs

    If you haven't found anything yet look at Hutchinson Community College. They have an LPN/LVN to ADN online program that's 1 yr. You do have to have your prerequisites prior to applying to their program. The course work is online and it does require t...
  15. I would love to give you some pointers on the program and to see if you would like to buy uniforms or books for cheap.