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    JenSande, I got the rubric from Becky today. My total score is 34.5. Now it's just a waiting game. Fingers crossed and prayers said. Good luck to you too.
  2. nurse397


    Hi janelane213 and JenSande, I have been following your posts for this thread. I have also applied to Hutch in July for next years LPN to RN online program. I mailed my application in the last week of July. I had to wait because I did my last prerequisite during the summer semester. I haven't been in contact with Becky, since taking the Kaplan. Man was the science part of that hard. I haven't seen the rubric, but would love to if either one of you would mind passing it along to me. I live near Atlanta, Georgia so I'm also an out of state applicant. Hoping that doesn't make a difference. My total overall score on the Kaplan was 84%. Which I don't think is that great, but it'll have to do. Hoping we all get in. Best of luck. My email is nurse397@aol.com
  3. That is my plan too. I'm working on my prerequisites at the present time.