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  1. SkyDrift

    Grand Canyon RN-BSN

    I checked with California BRN and here's what the website says: "This list of resources is being provided as a service for informational purposes only. This in no way represents all of the RN to BSN/MSN programs available. These RN to BSN/MSN programs are neither approved nor endorsed by the Board of Registered Nursing. For specific information, please contact the programs directly." RN to BSN/MSN Education
  2. SkyDrift

    New graduate question

    I started at a SNF, but Med/Surg is usually a good way to gain experience as a new grad. As a new grad working in a SNF, it was like being baptized by fire...lol. I also gained experienced with IV insertions, IV medications, and basic nursing care for the elderly population at a SNF.
  3. SkyDrift

    Slow nursing jobs? So I can go back to school.

    SNF NOC shift as RN Supervisor...but not every night is "slow". Slower paced, yes. *knock on wood*
  4. SkyDrift

    RN to BSN--Grand Canyon University

    I am starting on Feb 13 for my BSN...first class is the Professional Dynamics class. This is my first online class ever. And it's true, a good group really does make a difference, but it requires a good leader as well.
  5. SkyDrift

    Sick of floor nursing, what now?

    Try sub-acute rehab or SNF and become a RN Supervisor, where you supervise and delegate tasks to LVNs and CNA. Your primary tasks will be IV medication and IV insertions. The only downside is the nurse:patio ratio, but it also depends on the staffing of the facility. It's an 8 hour shift compared to 12 hour shift. Admissions can be pretty hectic depending on the time of the day and week. I haven't really seen a "chill" nursing job that pays well at the same time...unless you become a Nurse Practitioner.
  6. SkyDrift

    Men in Nursing

    Murses unite!!
  7. SkyDrift

    We are human too

    Signs of compassion fatigue?
  8. 5 days 8-hour shift at a SNF caring for 160 residents. Half acute, half long-term. I call it, the ultimate MedSurg floor :)
  9. SkyDrift

    My professor told us NPs have no future...

    Imagine every RN going for their NP...now that would be overly saturated lol I see what your professor is trying to say though. Healthcare is all about business. Almost everything revolves around profit, it doesn't matter how much passion you have for something.
  10. SkyDrift

    How would you answer this?

    Well it does answer the question directly. I don't think it makes you a potential "whiner" as you say. If you don't give example on how you handled the situation, then yes, it may may look like a whiner before you even get hired. The whole point was to show how you can handle this type of situation, which you can't deny, is actually prevalent everywhere you go. From this question, you can also demonstrate "loyalty" based on your answer.
  11. SkyDrift

    How would you answer this?

    "What are some challenges nurses face and can you give an example from experience?" This becomes easier to answer once you have 1 year experience at least. I would have talked about the patient workload, low staff ratios, and burnout that is prevalent in nursing. Then, talk about how you would handle this type of situation and what you can learn from it. Mention about your ability to manage time and prioritize as one of your skills.
  12. SkyDrift

    Nursing is Just a Job- common myths in nursing

    Yes, it's just a job. You signed up for it. You get paid for your work. You pay the bills. Rinse and repeat. The only difference is the fact that some people may have more "passion" than others. How motivated you are to work depends on what goals you are trying to reach in life.
  13. SkyDrift

    Regret becoming a nurse....

    You can be a desk nurse...paperwork and very minimal patient interaction. Nursing is a broad profession. It's not just strictly hospital.
  14. Well, the usual "norm" for new grads is finding jobs at a hospital. But not many hospitals are hiring new grads these days, unless you enter some sort of Versant or internship program with them or know their hiring manager personally. Some new grads are obtaining jobs outside the hospital like SNF/LTC, hospice, home health, etc. and using that as their nursing experience; however it's not considered acute. You can try to explain to them your role and duties during an interview. Heavily impacted areas, like Southern California, have so much new grad finding jobs that it may take a while to hear back from hospitals. So it also depends on your area.
  15. SkyDrift

    Like the job, hate the nurse's schedule

    I would ask your supervisor about this problem...sounds like personal issue to me. Maybe you guys can work things out if you tell them about your predicament. If you think this job is doing more harm than good to your body and family, then I think it's best to switch to different department. ER can be pretty hectic on certain days especially for new grads. But this is just my opinion though, it really depends on how you think you can handle it.
  16. SkyDrift

    I want to give up, but also don't...ya know?

    It's the fear of the unknown. Don't be scared. Every new grad goes through it. You have to ask yourself, "What do I really want to do? How good are my skills?" If you can answer that, then follow it. If L&D is your forte, then go for it; Just remember that you'll be inserting Foley Catheters and IV's a lot in L&D, so know your procedures very well. You don't have to listen to others, just think of it as their suggestion. Nowadays, people are getting straight into specialty fields like OB, ICU, ER, DOU, without even having prior experience. As long as you have a good preceptor and come to work with an open mind to learn, then you will learn quickly and provide safe care to your patients. Stop comparing yourself to others and live your life that way you always wanted it to be; there are always going to be another person who is going to be better than us and vice versa.