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  1. Goodwin University

    Are there any G/U students here? I just enrolled at the university for the fall of 2022 and they want me to take Math 125 and Bio 120 did anyone do this?
  2. Lincoln Tech New Britain

    Who here will be attending Lincoln Tech in New Britain for the August 1st program? I have decided to go at night part time since I have kids who attend school during the day and won't be able to attend mornings. The course runs 22 months from 5 to ...
  3. CT LPN programs?

    Well Technically in the state of CT from what I hear the LPN'S make $25 to start in certain cities; however if you are already making a dollar less why would you want to spend that kind of money on an LPN course? If your looking to make $40 + you mi...
  4. I got into LPN school!

    sweet lola are you going to Lincoln Tech? Because I had to take just the reading and Math too.
  5. How old is too old to become a new RN?

    Cathy H there's always Licensed Practical Nursing and the course is usually 1 year if you go full time. I'm currently enrolled in the LPN program and start August 1st. I have 4 children at home and currently my husband is working 3 jobs to keep us a...
  6. 10 year old died after I performed CPR

    I'm sorry you had to experience this and hope you find peace in your heart knowing that you did what you could. I will keep you in my prayers!
  7. LPN'S

    I was in no way demeaning the CNA profession, like I said I loved doing the work and I enjoyed being a CNA. I wasn't ragging on my medical sisters and brothers, I have so much respect for the work that gets done as a CNA. @BuckyBadgerRN, RN
  8. LPN'S

    If time permits in the future I may continue on with my education because I would love to work in pediatrics. I used to work with the elderly as a CNA and I enjoyed it! Hopefully I'll be able to work with them once I graduate, however if the oppor...
  9. LPN'S

    Thank you so much for that kind message ! I've chosen this profession because I love working with people and I wanted to be more than just a CNA. As a CNA I felt that the work I was doing was great but I want to do more and I want to be better! I a...
  10. LPN'S

    Is choosing to become only an LPN a bad choice? I'm constantly seeing horrible comments about LPN's being mistreated and disrespected by the Registered Nurses. I thought they were supposed to be like the big brother/ sisters to the LPN's. I'm curr...