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  1. Anyone enrolled in Purdue Global DNP program

    Not a good idea. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/purdue-university-global-continues-defraud-dahn-shaulis/
  2. Purdue University Global

  3. Hondros nursing school (HCON), a division of American Public University System (APUS), is facing significant declines in enrollment. In the next quarter, HCON total enrollments are projected to decline 11%, and new starts are expected to fall 20%. A...
  4. Noose tightening for for-profits

    Breckinridge nursing schools' poor NCLEX rates put ITT Tech in peril. But the company's problems have been going on for years. In 2015, CEO Kevin Modany and former CFO Daniel Fitzpatrick were charged with fraud. The parent company, ITT Educational ...
  5. Truth about Breckinridge school of nursing

    That means that the school is giving students are certain time to graduate before the school closes. The amount of time can vary. 18-24 months is a common period.
  6. Truth about Breckinridge school of nursing

    A DC insider tells me that the Department of Education is trying to figure how to transfer the many thousands of students affected by ITT Tech/Breckinridge "teach outs."
  7. Noose tightening for for-profits

    Yes, the for-profit college crash is in progress.