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  1. wantobern01

    Failed out my ADN on the last exam

    Well I am finished, I guess I am not meant to be a nurse. I am a failure. According to the appeal committee I did not meet their criteria for readmission into school. Be forewarned do not fail in you last semester or you are thru finished. My final grade was a 74.8 out of a required 77. I was told I could reapply to nursing after 5 years as a new applicant. I've mentioned before I have a Bachelors in biology and then went for RN nursing. I spent tons on my education and it has gotten me no where and without employment. The school did tell me I could take their LPN program but frankly they I don't feel up to it right now and I am out of money. What I did not like about their RN program is they would not discuss or give the rationale or tell you which question you got wrong on a test. Therefore you never could learn where your weakness was so that you could prepare better. I don't think it would be wise for me to take other classes at this school. I did well in all my pharmacy classes and all my clinicals, it was the exams on the lectures that did me in. Anyway just wanted to update and thank you all for the support . (And by the way the school advised me over a week ago that my notice was in the mail, but it was only postmarked yesterday) Sorry for venting guess I'm feeling sorry for myself. Oh well life stinks sometimes.
  2. OK question...I failed my last exam and consequently failed out of my ADN program. I am heart broken, the highest grade was a 78 for the entire school. I already had a job lined up which now won't happen. My school said i should appeal, but appeal what? I went in to this exam I thought fully prepared. If I am not permitted to retake this last semester, I am out finished and will need to repeat the entire 2 year program if I want to continue. I really need to work after all this. Is is possible to take the NCLEX for LPN's and possibly pass it with the knowledge I have acquired in my ADN program? I'm not sure if that is allowed without taking an actual LPN program but really I have taken all the requirements I've read that are necessary. Any insight would be helpful.