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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to ask for some advice from all the experienced critical care nurses here on this forum. I'm a registered nurse with 4 years of med surg and 1 year of ICU experience. Due to personal circumstances, I am looking to leave my full-time ICU job for a lesser acuity area. I do love ICU nursing and am hoping to come back after 2 to 3 years when things have worked out in other aspects of my life. My question is, if I do at least 2 per diem ICU shifts a month, will that still count as good, continuous ICU experience? Meaning will that still leave the doors of the ICU specialty open for me? Thank you for any input!
  2. Hello! Was just reading through some of the posts in this forum and came across one that expressed concerns regarding the current trend of new nurses doing ICU mostly for just a year then moving on to do CRNA or NP programs, leaving some units with a dearth of expert and highly skilled nurses. In the ICU I work at, we have a fairly good mix of senior and novice nurses; but with more experienced nurses working days than nights. For the older nurses out there still working in the intensive care setting, what made you stay and would you still recommend it to the younger nurses just starting out their critical care careers? What are the things you enjoy the most about being in critical care for so long and the things that you are not so enthusiastic about? Any advice? To the younger nurses, would you consider remaining in the critical care field as a bedside nurse?
  3. Hi everyone! I am 11 weeks pregnant working in a very busy medical ICU. My unit has been very short staffed the last year and a half, but the situation has gotten severe in the last few weeks. It has gotten so bad that a nurse our ICU can get up to 5 patients per shift with all of them being vented, some of them on multiple pressors. To top it off, we only get an average of 1 PCA for whole the unit, sometimes none. Because the staffing is so bad, it's almost impossible to give any nurse preferential assignments. I find myself cleaning, repositioning patients over 300 lbs with sometimes minimal assistance. Because the other nurses are equally drowning in their own work assignments, I find it hard to ask them to do all the heavy lifting for me. I'm on my feet for most of the shift and often don't get time for breaks. I'm so concerned this will affect my pregnancy. Is it time for me to leave or find another area to work in?
  4. HI all! To anyone who knows, can you please tell me what the application process is for Lincoln Medical Center? I want to apply to a med surg position. Any info interview tips? What goes next after the interview and how long does HR usually process an application? Is there an exam? Anything is appreciated! Thanks!
  5. The New York board does not accept anything other than a CVS. You would have to send an application for CVS to CGFNS. All your credentials will be requested by CGFNS and you will not be allowed to assist in the process (no follow ups, etc.).
  6. alicestill

    What to study for step-down unit?

    Hi! I've just recently been offered an RN job for a step-down unit at one of the city hospitals. I've been on a 2-year hiatus from clinical nursing and plan to brush up a little bit before beginning my new job. Any tips on what I should study?