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  1. Slow flow nipple?

    We typically don't feed on high flow. We regularly feed on low flow as long as that's the only issue. We don't feed if respirations are greater than 70 breaths/minute.
  2. Slow flow nipple?

    Slow flow nipples are not all that?? What is that suppose to mean? That they don't work or what? If you're trying to say the practice is being outdated, you're sorely mistaken. Slow flow nipples are very heavily supported by evidence, and continue to...
  3. Slow flow nipple?

    I'm sorry, but this is so wrong. This is just asking for aversion after aversion. "Spilling milk out of her mouth" is anterior loss. It's showing that the baby is not tolerating the flow of the feeding. The feeding is coming out of the nipple too fas...
  4. Thinking about getting a gun for safety

    I would do whatever you feel is right for you. Whether that be having a concealed carry or not. Whether you want to leave it in your car or carry it on your person. I understand you when you relay that you aren't worried about your patients, rather t...
  5. NP jobs that work 3days

    Neonatal NP's work 3, 12 hour shifts. Some even work 24 hour shifts.
  6. From article: I see where you got your one liner. Except you decided to use conservatives instead.
  7. As requested, I'll stick to the topic at hand. I think as a group, we have concluded that the CDC banned the words, not President Trump. I see the title has changed to "per White House", which is still false, per CDC statements. So I guess that is wh...
  8. Twice I have been berated because I apparently said "Christian terrorists don't exist". I didn't say that, the opposite is true. So here it is, in big bold letters, what I said. Maybe read the posts before making a comment.
  9. Sorry, I must have been exhausted trying to keep up with all the posts. Don't get your panties in a wad, I'll respond now. It's hard being the only one on the right against so many who are vehemently against our sitting President and his policies. ...
  10. You are living under a rock if you think this is the first instance of this happening. It's not. It won't be the last. It's probably the first time it has gotten airtime, because it's Donald Trump. But since I really don't have any proof to show you ...
  11. Yes, yes he did. Obama Bans Islam, Jihad From National Security Strategy Document | Fox News I didn't say Muslim in the post you quoted. Islamic means relating to Islam. It doesn't mean mainstream Muslim beliefs. You can be Christian and hold diffe...
  12. I don't have a bias for anything. I have my own viewpoints. I don't know what you think I downplayed. I stated my opinion on the matters presented and provided rationales for everything on why I think what I do. And what President hasn't had things...
  13. You keep saying this without anything to back up your statements. (I replied to your link below, still doesn't back anything up.) I don't have a "thing" for President Trump, he is my President, plain and simple. I voted for him based on his policie...
  14. So, to you, all conservatives in the current administration and GOP are dumb?
  15. What exactly has he attacked from the organizations? The CDC has come out saying that President Trump did not ask for these words to be banned, censor, or otherwise avoided. That it was the CDC themselves who are self-censoring. What more do you nee...