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Boonietunes has 15 years experience as a MSN and specializes in OR/ER/MedSurg.

Currently working on my Master's degree in Nursing Leadership and Management at Walden University.

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  1. Boonietunes

    Guidance needed.

    Counterparts, I have an issue with a physician that left the facility prior to the patient going to PACU? Their First Assist was closing the patient, but the practitioner left prior to going to the Recovery Room. Is there a standard that I can bring to this physician to establish a rule with him and address this concern before it gets out of hand?
  2. Boonietunes

    Tested Positive for ETOH with QED

    So, I returned to work following FMLA after a recent major surgery. Upon my return and about 2 hours after working in my office, I was summoned to employee health where they asked me to submit for a drug screen. I submitted with no problem. I was the asked to do a mouth swab for ETOH. When the exam was completed on the QED, it was reported that I had an ETOH level of 0.1. The funny thing is I dont drink. When I mentioned this I was informed that this test never fails. I beg to differ. I had all of my medications with me for identification and proof. I am on symbicort in bid, albuterol inhaler q4 prn, doxycycline 100mg bid, also on a cough syrup that I used at 0100 this morning. I have since been suspended and I requested that they do a blood draw to compare the results. The did repeat the QED 15 min after the first one at my insistence. That result reported out at 0.05. Is anyone familiar with this testing device and experienced the same type of results? I know that symbicort and albuterol are alcohols by name. I need help to clear my name, as they are only believing the results of the test that I know for a fact are incorrect. Please help.
  3. Boonietunes

    online education or not??

    Chlori, In response to your question, I have recently completed my MSN degree in Nursing Leadership and Management at Walden University. When I interviewed for my current position as Director of Emergent and Laboratory services, my interviewers appeared to be impressed with my choice of school. Many large Universities are moving to online courses. It is certainly the way of the future. If nothing else, you reveal that you are truly competent in communicating with other individuals and are able to perform tasks on your own with little or no help. The only individuals that have addressed concern are individuals that have not pursued advanced degrees. They are certainly looking for experience both didactic and clinical. I certainly commend you for pursuing your degree and wish you luck in obtaining your future MSN degree. James Garner,
  4. Boonietunes

    Has anyone attended a CEN prep course.

    Hello peers, I am seeking a class that will assist me in reviewing for the CEN exam. I have been forwarded the following link that provides courses in my area. Has anyone used this course? Thanks in advance. http://bemetweb.com/cen/2011-1104/CEN-2011-1104-DAL-FlyerV01.pdf
  5. Boonietunes

    Nursing Job Needed!

    Geny, I do not know where you are obtaining your information. However, in the DFW area of Texas, there are many opportunities of Graduate Nurses. Many opportunities are provided to those in internship programs. If you are unable to locate a facility in your area, you should seek opportunities in other areas of the country. It is my understanding that jobs are in short supply in places such as Florida and California. Texas, jobs are plentiful. Look for jobs in rural hospitals. Some of these rural facilities are more accommodating and crying for nurse, young and old. James
  6. Boonietunes

    Nursing Job Needed!

    Plenty of jobs are located in the Texas area. With your compact license, you can move to Texas and use your current license.
  7. Boonietunes

    Where in United States still has high demand/pay for nurses?

    Hello, You have posted a great question. I have looked throughout the country for adequate pay, along with cost of living. I currently live and work in North Texas. Within Texas, the cost of living is much lower than the majority of the country. For example, a friend of mine moved here from Cleveland, Ohio. He and his wife sold their home in Cleveland and bought a home twice the size of their old home. He stated that comparatively, the cost of living versus pay is far better here in Texas than where he was previously residing. The DFW area of Texas provides a plethora of excellent school choices with some of the higher rated schools in Texas. No matter where you live in the DFW area, you may live relatively close to a medical facility and this makes for easier commutes to and from work. DFW has the 4th largest hospital system in the nation by the name of Texas Health Resources, which currently has a community of 17 non-profit hospitals within its system. Another hospital of choice in this area includes the Baylor Health System which also provides a plan called the Baylor plan. They offer a weekend 24 hour shift, Sat and Sun, and you are payed full time for working part time hours. Baylor is also Non-profit. We also have two children's hospitals in this area that are world known. They are Cook Children's in Fort Worth and Children's Medical Center in Dallas. Childrens of Dallas is constantly on the innovative track with it new technologies and has been in national news for a plethora of different procedures that are performed there. A recent one was the two middle eastern children that were cephalically conjoined. After a multiple hour surgery, these children were successfully seperated and now living a healthy life. This area is constantly seeking high acute care nurses and we remain on the cutting edge in technology. I am truly happy and excited to be involved with this technology. Texas is a great place to live. Outside of July and August, temperatures are mild throughout the year. I hope that I have given you the information that you have requested and given you an idea of our cost of living versus pay. Texas is extremely competative across the nation. James Garner
  8. Boonietunes

    declaratory order?

    Sorry for taking so long, but it took about 3 months. did it in sept got it back in december prior to graduation. James
  9. Boonietunes

    declaratory order?

    Hey, I just read about you having to obtain a declaratory order. I, too, had to have a declaratory order. I had a class b mis as well. This happened in 1991. I submitted the paper work thinking that it was not a problem. They in turn told me that I needed to perform a declaratory order regarding this young and dumb incident. It is best to just get it over with. James
  10. Boonietunes

    Pay for ADNs

    As far as I know, there is no pay difference in the DFW area. We all start off in our hospital system making the same pay at the same scale. I believe, that it is only once you gain managment positions, that pay begins to change.

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