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  1. Moriah01

    Anyone else regret becoming a nurse?

    Before I go to work I feel that way. Then when I start interacting with my patients they make me remember why I do it. I love patient care and taking care of people. I hate feeling like a commodity. Some of these jobs making you feel like they just need a warm body to take care of their patients. I'm looking for jobs outside of bedside because I hate feeling rushed when giving patient care.
  2. Moriah01

    HESI AD LPN advice

    It depends on what the school is testing on. My school only tested on Math, grammar, and reading comprehension, I think. So you should find that out. Also, there is a Hesi study book that I bought for my Hesi.
  3. Moriah01

    RN to BSN in Michigan?

    I'm doing Ohio University. You only have to 31 Nurse credits and a total of $7,500 for the program.
  4. Moriah01

    New Grad Moving to Grand Rapids in August

    St. Mary's hospital has a year long new residency program. You can apply there but you'll need your transcripts and two recommendations from two professors.
  5. Moriah01

    When do you say no.

    CNA duties are LPN/RN duties. What CNA's do is within your scope of practice. My job has been short on CNA's before. I was scheduled as a CNA. I still held the title of LPN. I still received LPN pay, I just did CNA tasks. If I didn't know a patient well, I looked at the care plan. The care plan tells you how to transfer or if their liquids are thickened. I was happy to do it. No assessments, no med pass, but because I'm a Nurse I was able to assist the Nurse working the floor. It was only for one shift. As long as I get my LPN pay, I'm cool.
  6. Moriah01

    Those Who Have Left Nursing

    Before I became a Nurse my co-worker was a RN who worked at AAA with us. She kept her license up to date but refused to work in Nursing. She just always said it was too stressful.
  7. Moriah01

    Do I push out the air bubble?

    I was taught to keep the bubble.
  8. Moriah01

    LPN's aren't real nurses

    I assure you, when I'm the only nurse on the floor and the patient starts to bottom out, I am a "real nurse" then.
  9. Moriah01

    LTC from HELL!!!

    It depends on if the area your in has a blacklist. The only state that I have heard about having a blacklist is Texas. You have to be careful with those nursing homes. You should ask to shadow before accepting a position. A lot of nursing homes only want a warm body & don't care about how safely you provide care. When the DON demanded that you get on the floor and be a nurse, you should have declined right there. If you haven't taken the keys or report it is not patient abandonment. There are two things you as nurse need to always be vigilant about. Protecting your patient & protecting your license. Your DON won't go to the BON with you to defend your license.
  10. Moriah01

    Question about gj tube mickeys

    It depends on your state. In Michigan we change the entire Mickey.
  11. Moriah01

    Misusing the low paid nurse

    I'm Michigan so our scoop of practice is vague. I've hung IV antibiotics as well as flushed them. The only thing we can't do is insert a PICC line, pull a PICC line or change the dressing.