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SAjala16 has 10 EMT years experience.

Former EMT and CNA. Currently work as a caregiver for a homecare agency. Looking at starting at LVN or just going for my MSN. LVN for the quickest route to better work. I love meeting new people, studying, reading, listening to smooth jazz, gospel and chillstep music, love parks and beaches and hiking. I also love to bowl. Sometimes just chillin with my family is good.

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  1. SAjala16

    Part Time RN Program

    Yeah. I checked one of the Community Collges I am familiar with and each semester has no less that 4 classes and only during the day. I work days so I can not do it. I wish I could. Being Active does not give that option. Oh well.
  2. SAjala16

    Part Time RN Program

    Community Colleges here tell their potential students that the program is fulltime and they do not want you to work. Classes are during the day only and rigorous. That made it hard for me to choose it to apply for.
  3. SAjala16

    Brandman University ABSN Students

    Yes. Its a year away from home but I will try it. I just need to study and retake my ASVAB to boost my score to the required scores.
  4. SAjala16

    Brandman University ABSN Students

    Thank you. I do know that part. There are no hybrid LVN programs I know of but they have evening and weekend programs that allow you to be able to work. As much as I want to go for my BSN because I have a bachelors and science done, I may be stuck with doing LVN first. I may just do the training for LPN in the Army since they have the training for it and get my license that way and just go up from there. At least I will still be active duty while I train. No income loss.
  5. SAjala16

    Brandman University ABSN Students

    I talked to a Rep and it won't work out for me. Even though it is hybrid. They still do not want you to work or you can only work part time. I can't drop to part time because I am active duty military. Oh Well. I will keep looking. Maybe LVN will be the better option for me.
  6. Hello Everyone. Wanted to know if there were any Brandman students in the ABSN program that is Online/Hybrid. I saw San Diego has a program. I live in Riverside but work in LA area so I am curious as to how the classes play out. Is it workable for me to attend there. It doesn't really explain it on the website how the classes work. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. SAjala16

    LVN and Reclass in Army

    Yes I was told by an AMEDD Recruiter that I would be too old and they are not doing any age waivers. Im considered too old now being that I'm 46. I am working on boosting my GT and ST scores now for 68C. I can't remain on the AGR program for that MOS.
  8. SAjala16

    Chemistry Class

    Hey everyone! I am needing to take Chemistry and the last one I took, I dropped it because it was absolutely horrible. The Instructor was not good at teaching it at all. Anyone had the Chemistry Course that was good learning experience and was easier to understand. I would hate to run into another bad Instructor like the one I had. She had alot of drops from her class, it was that bad. I am in Riverside, California and may be relocating back home to Sacramento in the next couple of months.
  9. SAjala16

    LVN and Reclass in Army

    Hello all, I have a question those who are on the Army side might know. I am currently in Supply but want to get my LVN/LPN license and hoping to reclass to 68C. If someone has an LVN license (California its called LVN) already and wish to switch to 68C, will they have to go through the school for 68C basically repeating everything and doing the military portion. Trying to see what my options are. I can't commission RN because I am too old already so LVN would be my other route on the Army side. I will be doing RN on the Civilian side. Thanks for any help.
  10. SAjala16

    Microbiology with Lab

    It depends on the school you are going to attend. They have their rules about whether they will take online or not. Just because BON says yes doesn't mean the school itself will. Check the schools you are looking at the inquire with them because they are the ones accepting which courses they will take.
  11. SAjala16

    Part Time RN Program

    I have yet to find a part time RN program in California. That would be nice. They have part time LVN programs though.
  12. SAjala16

    Roseman University to Working in California

    How is the program there? Can you also work while going through the program?
  13. I can never understand why schools are requiring entrance exams to be taken by individuals with degrees. I can understand coming out of high school but really or those without a degree who have not been in school for some time? The Ability to Benefit should have been recognized when the person earned a degree prior. Just alittle vent.
  14. SAjala16

    LVN Programs today! Any evening/weekend in So Cal?

    I visited 2 schools yesterday that are within the area I was seeking. First was Summit College in Santa Ana. They have not started an LVN program there yet and is projected to start their first class in Feb of 2018. Anyone who goes to the campus will not see anything worth touring. They will show you rooms that will be converted and other rooms were locked so they could not even show them. They gave a small packet and discussed the requirements to be a part. I was introduced to the Director who was trying to put the pressure on me about applying now because they are set to take 35 students but will take less than that for the first LVN start date. Their main campus is where the LVN program normally is but they are expanding to the Santa Ana campus which is currently the HVAC and Electronics campus. It is a very small building. Result was I was not impressed because of that fact that they ask for me to come a take a tour of a building under construction, and tell me there is all new equipment coming then to get placed in a position of trying to get rushed in applying. I am good. Next I went to Stanbridge University and WOW! Very Friendly Staff, Got detailed information, straight up answers to my questions. Atmosphere was nice. Took the tour and I was very very impressed. Level 1 through I think 3 in the mannequins in a hospital like setting with the machines I am use to seeing and the laptop computer stations just like in the hospital. Talking life like mannequins that gave you a real like experience. A mother and baby that were operating as if they are really breathing, eyes blinking, baby moving around and they are talking and making noise, also a male who looks like its breating. It was so real like. Then a cadavier lab with a male and female synthetic body, different leg and arm parts plus actually bodies of a male and female in the freezer or fridge whatever it is, that was donated for dissection and study by the students. They have 3d imaging that is used with glasses to study the organs of the body, I was able to sample it. I was amazed at that. They also have a 2d image that showed a male who signed a contract to donate his body for study. A 2d image on a platform like a table. It was neat, All kind of other areas that was just keeping me interested. I was impressed. Also the fact that you can go from LVN all the way to Masters in Nursing in the same school was great. I was planning to attend UCLA but I figured, I would start at the bottom and work my way up. I have asked friends in the Healthcare field and other professionals and learned that prelicensing Masters of Nursing without actual nursing care outside of the school can be a disadvantage being that Hospitals and facilities want that experience in bed side care. Masters is geared towards management level nursing in which they also want to see that they have had bedside care for a certain amount of time. Being that I love caring for people and I do want to get into work quickly because I am not working full time at this time, I chose Stanbridge and will begin my process. The start sate will be next month November 13th. LVN will be my first step after much research and prayer. Can't wait to get in school.
  15. Hello Everyone, I search but find so many of the posts are so old so I wanted to ask in a newer post. Has anyone had experience with current evening/weekend or even full time LVN programs in So Cal and if so how was your experience. I have checked into a few but see old posts that may not be accurate for today. I am thinking of starting there to get into a job quicker and then work on my RN. I would so appreciate it. Sometimes visiting the school and looking at websites just does not give you the real. I want to real from students and graduates. Let me know.
  16. SAjala16

    68W and Associates RN

    Hello. I see this posts is alittle old but I am an Army reservist and I am planning to get a Masters in RN. I have a Bachelor in Human Services and prereqs. I was looking at the LPN as an option too since there is a coming deployment in 2 year. If I start the MSN next year it will be disrupted. I am wondering if I should go through LPN in the Army or outside of the Army and use my Post 9/11 GI Bill. I can then work on the rest when I return. I do want to go for direct commission. I am leaving all options open.