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SAjala16 has 10 EMT years experience.

Former EMT and CNA. Currently work as a caregiver for a homecare agency. Looking at starting at LVN or just going for my MSN. LVN for the quickest route to better work. I love meeting new people, studying, reading, listening to smooth jazz, gospel and chillstep music, love parks and beaches and hiking. I also love to bowl. Sometimes just chillin with my family is good.

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  1. SAjala16

    ASN vs. BSN

    I sooooo would have loved to went into a Entry level Masters. Since I have my Bachelors already but they are all full time programs. I can't go full time. ☹️
  2. SAjala16

    LVN to BSN in California

    LVN-BSN? Do they have a new program or are you talking about the Pre-Licensing BSN program? I will need to check that out.
  3. SAjala16

    Is Samuel Merritt (SMU) a good school?

    Hello, While I am not a student or past student. I am from Oakland, California and was an EMT for an ambulance company there for over 10 years. I transported patients alot in and out of Summit Medical Center which is right across the street and have friends who work at the hospital still. When I met students who went there, I heard great things about them. They have been in business over 100 years and still doing well so I would think they are still a great school to attend. I just did not like their high cost much but if I was able to go there I would. I am at the age of 47 now and I have to work. I can't afford to take off to go to school full-time. I would have loved to go through their 12 month BSN program and just be totally school focused for that duration. I am active duty military so I am taking the LVN route and it graduates with a Associates. I have a Bachelor degree in Human Services so it will help with classes. After that I will go for and LVN to BSN. I am in Southern California now. Hopefully I can move back home after I have graduated. Best wishes to you and your nursing journey.
  4. SAjala16

    ASN vs. BSN

    If I had the choice I would go with BSN. in all states most employers are seeking BSN graduates now but there are some who will hire ASN graduates with the agreement to start a BSN program to obtain their BSN. It is all how you want to do it. I have a bachelor degree and would go BSN but I am active duty in the military so I can not attend an accelerated program. If you have the ability I say go for the BSN. You won't have to attend school twice for 2 degrees and you can get done in about the same time. I wish you the best. I hope to visit my family in Arkansas some day soon. I am from California but have family in Ark.
  5. SAjala16

    New LVN Classes during COVID 19

    Currently due to COVID they are starting Online but will transition to on campus once things go back to normal.
  6. SAjala16


    Oh OK. Cool. I am too far and work full time. Glad you were able to get in. I can't wait to start. I am in the evening weekend Associate in Science for VN. The only way I could school while work. Again CONGRATS!! Glad schools are still enrolling. It is much needed.
  7. SAjala16

    New LVN Classes during COVID 19

    Pacific College is still enrolling. I have my Cohort Orientation on the 27th. They have a campus in Commerce, Costa Mesa and Ontario.
  8. SAjala16


    CONGRATS on the acceptance. I am curious. What is AVC? I keep seeing the abbreviations but can't quite figure out what school it is. I applied to Pacific College. Have a Cohort Orientation on the 27th. Is the AVC in So Cal and do they have evening weekend? Thanks
  9. SAjala16

    What accreditation should I look for in CNA schools

    Make sure it is an approved program through your state accreditation. It is a certification not a license or degree that would not accreditation for transferring units. Look up your state registry for the Certified Nursing Assistant programs and you will find a list of all approved certification programs in your state.
  10. SAjala16

    CNA vs. NA

    How did you do that? I always thought VA required certification.
  11. SAjala16

    LVN and Reclass in Army

    That is great. I am working on my GT and ST improvement now. I am an E6 and AGR in the reserves now so I look forward to it. I won't lose any pay going so that would be great. I just wish these Recruiters and Career Counselors knew how it really works. They have no clue.
  12. SAjala16

    LVN and Reclass in Army

    Awesome!!! I kept getting folks telling me that LVN/LPNs had to still.go through the whole school. I thought that was crazy. I was debating whether to go through the whole program which is a year from home or to go to LVN school local for a year then reclass. Right now I am AGR and they are allowing reclass to 68C in the AGR program. Working to improve my ASVAB score to the required scores. Thank you so much. I appreciate it.
  13. Hello Everyone. Wanted to know if there were any Brandman students in the ABSN program that is Online/Hybrid. I saw San Diego has a program. I live in Riverside but work in LA area so I am curious as to how the classes play out. Is it workable for me to attend there. It doesn't really explain it on the website how the classes work. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. SAjala16

    LVN and Reclass in Army

    Yes I was told by an AMEDD Recruiter that I would be too old and they are not doing any age waivers. Im considered too old now being that I'm 46. I am working on boosting my GT and ST scores now for 68C. I can't remain on the AGR program for that MOS.
  15. SAjala16

    Chemistry Class

    Hey everyone! I am needing to take Chemistry and the last one I took, I dropped it because it was absolutely horrible. The Instructor was not good at teaching it at all. Anyone had the Chemistry Course that was good learning experience and was easier to understand. I would hate to run into another bad Instructor like the one I had. She had alot of drops from her class, it was that bad. I am in Riverside, California and may be relocating back home to Sacramento in the next couple of months.
  16. SAjala16

    LVN and Reclass in Army

    Hello all, I have a question those who are on the Army side might know. I am currently in Supply but want to get my LVN/LPN license and hoping to reclass to 68C. If someone has an LVN license (California its called LVN) already and wish to switch to 68C, will they have to go through the school for 68C basically repeating everything and doing the military portion. Trying to see what my options are. I can't commission RN because I am too old already so LVN would be my other route on the Army side. I will be doing RN on the Civilian side. Thanks for any help.