MrsDean2022 CNA

10yrs previous EMT experience, currently CNA.

CNA with Bachelor looking into a hybrid online RN program. I am finishing my EMT and Phlebotomy as well as my last pre-req for nursing.

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MrsDean2022 has 10 EMT years experience as a CNA and specializes in 10yrs previous EMT experience, currently CNA..

Currently a CNA and working as a Patient Transporter in the hospital.  I have a Bachelor's degree looking to get into a hybrid online RN program.

I love meeting new people, studying, reading, listening to smooth jazz, gospel, and chillstep music, love parks, beaches, and hiking. I also love to bowl. Sometimes just chillin with my family is good.

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  1. CA Students for ICHS, FL Oct 3, 2022 Start

    Nice. Were you on the orientation Tuesday? I am taking Algebra starting next week then starting with Fundamentals and Pharmacology in October.
  2. CA Students for ICHS, FL Oct 3, 2022 Start

    I also had my A&P, Micro, and general ED courses transferred in. I just have to take the College Algebra starting August 1st. My Algebra was not at their level requirement.
  3. ICHS 2022

    I start in October. My Enrollment Counselor told me that our clinicals self scheduled so you have to schedule them. The first one they will help you on how to schedule but you are doing it yourself. Days required. 1st semester is 10 days ...
  4. ICHS 2022

    I am curious. Did you attend ICHS? I also have friends who attended and one on the program now and the only thing bad they have said is it can be alittle organized but doable. I start in October and so far my experience has been grea...
  5. ICHS 2022

    Great info. They stopped pushing all clinicals to the end. It's back to each semester now.
  6. ICHS 2022

    I have a coworker attending there as well. We are in California. I think the Co Workers would have great info. Most of us are applying or thinking about. I start October.
  7. ICHS November 2021

    Happy 4th!! Question. Has anyone graduated from ICHS and was able to get a BSN or MSN from another University?
  8. CA Students for ICHS, FL Oct 3, 2022 Start

    Hello, This thread is for those who start in October so not sure of actually how it goes until we start. I did ask questions with my Enrollment Specialist and he stated Clinicals are self scheduled within each semester. You request the...
  9. Hello, Just want to start a thread for October 3, 2022 start date. Hope to meet more California Nursing current and future ICHS Students. I am in Oakland, CA
  10. ICHS 2022

    Well the interview no pressure. Nothing to stress over at all. Got some questions answered that I needed. Getting ready to send unofficial transcripts so they can be evaluated. So far a smooth process.
  11. ICHS 2022

    Sure! It is
  12. ICHS 2022

    Awesome!! Nice to meet you. I finally got a call with all the requirements and working on them now. I also have an interview at 3:30. We do have a facebook page for October Start. Hopefully we all can study and do clinicals together. Save s...
  13. ICHS 2022

    Hello Everyone, I did it! I applied and paid for Oct 3rd. I uploaded the documents and waiting to hear from them. I can't wait to study with those who applied as well. Shonda
  14. ICHS 2022

    Nice! This brings some hope. I appreciate both of you speaking on this.
  15. ICHS 2022

    I agree. Glad to see communication in the FB group. Is anyone else besides me not testing out on Fundamentals and Pharm?