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  1. drenched

    Tax question for Per Diem RNs

    Great, thanks so much for the information you guys! I've never understood my paycheck fully even when salaried...so this really shed some light for me :)
  2. drenched

    The Cost of Dying: End-of-Life Care

    Thanks for posting this news article. Although I don't 100% agree with their take on things, most of it is right on the money. After working just 3 months in an ICU that treats aggressively and does high risk surgeries, I wrote myself a living ...
  3. drenched

    Tax question for Per Diem RNs

    Hi, I've been having a really hard time understanding the tax withholdings in each paystub I get & was hoping someone would be able to illuminate me on this. I'm a per diem RN in NYC and work anywhere from 11.5 to 46 hours per pay period (2...
  4. drenched

    How do you deal with disoriented patients?

    Haha whoever designed the emoticons for these boards deserve creativity points Stern advice duly noted! Luckily I haven't seen staff be outright abusive to patients yet...doesn't sound pretty.
  5. drenched

    Textbook Editions

    I'd ask my instructor first, but I think you should be fine. I'd be more cautious with...say...a Patho or A & P textbook or something because those are the types of books that profs assign specific page # readings to, but it would make less of a...
  6. drenched

    GPA now that you're IN the program...?

    This is true, I'm one of those people. Book smart but don't have a lick of sense when it comes to practical stuff & physical tasks. If I had a choice, I'd switch those 2 around in a heartbeat. I'm saying this so others won't stress & beat ...
  7. drenched

    Getting Organized!!

    Wow, everyone has such good ideas! I second this!! I absolutely love this small binder-big binder system! I had 1 small binder with a section for each class and that'd have all the current notes, and once the test was over, the notes would...
  8. drenched

    How do you deal with disoriented patients?

    Um...whoa there. Are you slapping me in the face with a...fish? (??) lol. I agree with everything that you're saying, which is why I specifically said I WOULDN'T engage in belligerence & verbal abuse, and it goes without saying that patient wel...
  9. drenched

    How do you deal with disoriented patients?

    Oh my! o.O And that reminds me of this other 60s-ish lady who was as normal as could be during the day, but unexpectedly sundowned and pulled out her IV and bled everywhere and required 5 nurses to hold her down when she went for her NG tube. She w...
  10. drenched

    How do you deal with disoriented patients?

    Thanks for the advice. It is very helpful. I will definitely try to cluster care to leave the patient alone. But when constant supervision is necessary it's hard not to interact with them. =/ I guess everyone takes verbal abuse differently. ...
  11. drenched

    Need Help with Abbreviations, Medical Terminology

    hi! I'm a third year undergrad nursing student, and just started clinicals. I'm having a bit of trouble reading the cardex, especially the abbreviations. question: what does the following mean? lcx s/p mvr abd tee i tried to look it up in the dicti...