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pnayak86 has 6 years experience and specializes in Critical Care Nursing and Orthopaedic Nu.

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  1. pnayak86

    Favorite Motivational Quote

    You Can't WIN, If you Don't TRY It
  2. Does my Stethoscope has any Power Supply?
  3. pnayak86

    What Kind of Threads Do You ENJOY Reading?

    I like to read the posts that narrate the success stories of Nurses who have brought changes at their workplace. Also happy to read about the threads that focus on professional values and leadership in Nursing.
  4. pnayak86

    New Nurse Exhausted from Extremely Long Shifts? Help?

    No, it's not Normal. Sacrificing your rest and sleep and altering your Circardian Rhythm is not an expected phenomenon. Staff Shortage, exists everywhere today. Almost all hospitals face Nursing Shortage today. Over working and straining ones own body is not a solution so....
  5. pnayak86

    How do you deal with Doctors that insult nurses?

    All the responses are great. I would like to add that, when we nurses are up-to-date in our knowledge and skills and exhibit the same in front of doctors, I promise that no doctor dare to insult any Nurses in the unit. If your doctor has defamed you, firstly personally tell him that what he has done is not correct. Make him realise his mistake. In case, if he repeats the same mistake, better to write in words to Nurses Union and take their help. I did the same once and achieved the result!!.
  6. pnayak86

    Tell me about your union

    I am a RN working in 500+ bedded teaching hospital. We have own Nurses Union and I am part of Executive Committee. We work on representing various issues related to our professionals and patients. Key issues we achieved success through our union include - correcting the anomaly in total working hours, CNE for all in the institution, increase in staff strength, promotion of nursing personnel etc... There are many more things to achieve in near future.... I am happy to be part of our union.
  7. pnayak86

    Being the Nurse Everyone Wants to Have

    Ideally, Every Nurse has a feeling of being a Good Nurse to his/her Patient. Many inculcate the inert qualities of professionalism and practice it in their routine patient care activities.... Some others, though they wish to be good Nurses, the unpleasant work environment, increased workload, arrogant co-workers etc may prevent them in delivering the compassionate care. In a sentence to put up, best measure to be a Good Nurse, is to understand the patients needs; may they be physical, psychological or spiritual, and try to meet them with smile....
  8. Rudest Words Used By Patient's Family I still remember that incident, which happened 4 years back, when I was working in Cardiac ICU. We were unable to revive a MI patient, who had sudden heart attack, while talking with the family members during Visting hours. I was the primary nurse, looking after that patient, when patient had cardiac arrest.... Family Members, who were in the stage of Anger, shouted at me telling that " What a Nurse you are, when you couldn't save our father... Are you trained enough to work in ICU???? If yes, get back our father"...' I was stunned by their words, but turned back mutely, thinking that in such a stage 'Silence is better than Words....'