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  1. Age vs Years Nursing

    Good morning everyone :) I just turned 25 and come June I will have been an RN for 3 years. Take care!
  2. Bored after 3 months?

    I don't think that's what amzyRN meant, and I think you know that too. She was just trying to be empathetic to my situation. Please, let's keep the posts polite.
  3. Bored after 3 months?

    I appreciate you taking the time to respond. I had intended on staying at my med/surg job for a minimum of two years. The reason I left was because I was threatened by a coworker and HR/management did a poor job of investigating. But obviously on a r...
  4. Bored after 3 months?

    Urghhhhh dammit. I did know that. I think my question is if it's too early too look for other opportunities? I left my first job after 6 months. I don't want to leave my second job after only 3... one other thing to consider is that my current CNO ha...
  5. Bored after 3 months?

    So here's my situation. I worked on a med surg unit at a big city hospital for six months and hated it. I loved the work and patient population, but the environment was quite literally traumatizing. So I left and took the first job I could find. Now ...
  6. Only stick in AC

    This is a question that stems from a recent Urgent Care visit for myself. I had to get labs drawn and the tech had trouble sticking me in the AC. I said that others had been successful sticking me in the forearm before and suggest that she try there....
  7. Too soon to change jobs?

    Hi, So I just started a job as a tech on a gen med surge floor at a small hospital. I was hired in April, did training/orientation in May and June, and now (July) I'm thinking this isn't what I want to be doing. I have one more year before I graduate...
  8. Hi, I'm a nursing student (obviously) heading into my senior year of college and am looking for advice on how to get a leg up on the competition for becoming a peds nurse after graduation. I'm currently working as a PCT on a general med surge floor a...