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  1. Mercymercy

    Missouri State University CRNA

    The program is set up pretty good!! The summer when you start is tough. It is alot of information for a short amount of time. This program gives every student a mentor which is something different than other programs. Teachers are flexible and very caring. Cons, none of your clinicals will be in Springfield, so planning for your clinicals is kind of up in the air until 6 weeks prior to going to your chosen spot. No program is perfect as you will find out when you start either here or any other school. Just have to be willing to be very flexible.
  2. Mercymercy

    Ask Me If I'm Safe At Home

    Thank you for sharing your story. It's a real eye opener and really means alot.
  3. Mercymercy

    Secretly breaking contract

    It's her decision on when she determines the right time to tell them. She still has time to weigh her options. Now, she actually HAS options to choose from. And it's her business alone. I think what she did wrong was to entrust her secret to you.
  4. Mercymercy


    Are you referring to UW-OshKosh CRNA program? If so, by now you've had your interview. How was it?
  5. Mercymercy

    No Questions Asked on National RX Drug Take Back Day

    Great info. Thanks for sharing this information.
  6. Mercymercy

    Did you disclose your Plans for CRNA school

    First time I worked ICU, I didn't tell anyone. Almost 3 yrs later after coming from the ER, I made my director aware and she was supportive. I put in the work, got my CCRN, volunteered for the hardest pt, helped teach review classes, got the opportunity to be charge nurse and took CABG/balloon pump/Impella. I have to say that when I applied, it wasn't common knowledge. People only found out after I got in. For the most part, everyone has been supportive and genuinely happy for me. My first time in ICU they hated the idea of new grads in ICU so my goals didn't get into the air. I didn't talk about it. As someone said before, feel out your environment before you open your mouth because some old nurses take it personally and make it a vendetta to block your progress. I was blessed to not have had that type of atmosphere. Look out for yourself and be true to your aspirations. No one cares when people go on to be NPs as much as it hurts when they hear CRNA for some reason. IDK why it stings more.
  7. I graduated from the program in 2014. Loved that even though it was tough and tasking, I still had time to have fun evenings with friends It also offered a great co-op program that allowed us to Work at the South Med Center, a level 1 trauma facility. Great experiences that made me the strong nurse that I am today. Dr. Jacobs was by far my favorite professor. He knows his stuff inside and out. He was a great asset to the program.
  8. Mercymercy

    Missouri State University CRNA

    When I was looking for a CRNA school, I found this school, but realized that allnurses.com did not have much in this program. I wanted to start this forum to bring to light some things that I found out about the school. Location: Springfield, MO Program length: 36 months. Doctorate. Interview: Suit up. You're welcome. Panel Interviews. All day affair. Really nice, but questions may seem a little intense. May have been my nerves talking here. How quickly to hear back? Depends between 2 weeks to a couple of months depending on where you rank. Any questions welcome. I got in and I am super excited for starting as this was my first choice. Good luck to you all on your journey!
  9. Mercymercy

    Cox College FNP

    I love it so far. Lots of reading. But one thing is for sure, that I am learning so much. I think they accept about 25 people.
  10. Mercymercy

    Online FNP Programs, Spring Admissions

    University of South Alabama or another South University? I get confused sometimes because I did my BSN at USA and we call it south, but there might be another school with that name.
  11. Mercymercy

    Online FNP Programs, Spring Admissions

    That makes sense. They must have just decided that because I called on multiple occasions. But, it looks legit. Congratulations and good luck in the program.
  12. Mercymercy

    Online FNP Programs, Spring Admissions

    I checked out the website. Doesn't look true in the website.
  13. Mercymercy

    Online FNP Programs, Spring Admissions

    Well, that says alot about their organization skills and I'm glad I didn't apply. I called them and looked on the website in August. If they just decided to open up and everyone is not on the same page from Admission to the Nursing program secretary at the desk, then good luck to them. That's a bullet dodged on my part. Because with every school, I do my research and also call with my own list of questions to make a very informed decision.
  14. Mercymercy

    Online FNP Programs, Spring Admissions

    That's interesting. When I called inquire they said they didn't have Spring, just Fall admissions.
  15. Mercymercy

    Online FNP Programs, Spring Admissions

    No. I just got into Cox College FNP. I start in January.
  16. Mercymercy

    Online FNP Programs, Spring Admissions

    The deadline is not on a rolling basis. It's a fall only admission and not spring. The deadline is April 15. I don't know how many people are accepted, but from the site, they don't have a minimum year of experience, just need the GRE and 3 recommendations and stuff almost every school needs.

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