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  1. LA RN License expired

    I'm in a Nurse Anesthesia program in Louisiana and for some reason never received a license renewal notification in the mail. My primary state of residence is in TX, so I'm used to renewing my license every two years. My LA license was issued in Ma...
  2. LSU CRNA 2018

    Thanks for the update! Still waiting on mine.
  3. LSU CRNA 2018

    Sorry I meant RN license.
  4. LSU CRNA 2018

    Those who got accepted from out of state: how long did it take for you to get your Louisiana EN license? Did they email you or send a letter?
  5. TWU CRNA 2018

    Well it's official. I called the admissions office yesterday and the staff member told me she literally forgot to send my email...so I got rejected over the phone! Good luck to those who got in; those of you still waiting to hear back I would call th...
  6. TWU CRNA 2018

    Is anyone still waiting to hear back from the school? I interviewed on 1/17 and still haven't heard anything from them.
  7. TWU CRNA 2018

    You should absolutely take the GRE and apply. However the application cycle for 2018 is long over so I suggest taking the GRE and researching the deadlines for programs beginning in 2019.
  8. TWU CRNA 2018

    Has anyone who interviewed in January heard anything back yet? I haven't been accepted, rejected, or waitlisted. I ranked Dallas sites but told them I would be willing to go anywhere. I am considering calling their office today but not sure if that w...
  9. TWU CRNA 2018

    Augh all Dallas sites here and I still haven't heard anything good or bad. In my interview one of the faculty said I would hear back by the end of the month. The suspense is killing me!
  10. TWU CRNA 2018

    I haven't heard anything yet.
  11. TWU CRNA 2018

    Still haven't received anything! No rejection, no acceptance, no waitlist. The anticipation is killing me!
  12. TWU CRNA 2018

    I don't remember which order, but my top 3 were all dallas sites followed by FW. I did tell them I'd be willing to travel anywhere though.
  13. TWU CRNA 2018

    I haven't received anything yet and I've been refreshing my email all day like a crazy person!
  14. TWU CRNA 2018

    I had a one on one interview this past Wednesday. I too was curious as to why some people got interviewed in groups vs one on one. I selected Dallas and Fort Worth clinical sites. Good luck to everyone!
  15. LSU CRNA 2018

    Jlsinger I am from Texas! NurseSK my call came from a 504 area code.