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  1. Non rebreather mask

    Hi everyone, I have a question with 100% non-rebreather masks. I always see nurses going from 15L to 10L flow rate on a 100% non-rebreather mask but doesn't the non-rebreather mask still given 100% O2? Like does changing the flow rate even chang...

    I have a question! If an order is for hydralazine PRN QID does this mean it can be given 4 time a day max and the time in between that it is given does not matter or does that mean you need to give it 6 hours apart? Let me know please! Thanks!
  3. Ontario Second-Entry Nursing (2017)

    Anyone else interested in the Humber program??
  4. Hi, Is there anyone who goes to Humber 2nd entry nursing program? I'll be going there in September and would love someones opinion on it! Thanks!
  5. Ontario Second-Entry Nursing (2017)

    Hi @Hopefulgal Both humber portal and OntarioColleges were updated at the same time. I got an email after I confirmed the offer. Good luck!
  6. Ontario Second-Entry Nursing (2017)

    Hi @zzyy My GPA in the last two years was a 3.58 I believe. I graduated in 2014 and took some courses in fall 2016 to bump my gpa up
  7. Ontario Second-Entry Nursing (2017)

    I got accepted to Humber today, super excited!!!
  8. Ontario Second-Entry Nursing (2017)

    Hi there! Do you know how many people got accepted to the program? Humber is my first choice and I have a 3.5 gpa so I really worried!
  9. Hi everyone, I am interested in applying for the accelerated nursing program at humber college. In my last 60 credits I have a gpa of 3.54. They said the cut off last year was 3.4 but they start at 3.5 and work their way down. What do you think my ch...