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  1. busybeeSN

    4.0 Student...Didn't get in

    I'm not trying to use a scapegoat. I think, for all professional endeavors in my life, I will have to learn to come off as more confident and assertive. It's not just my looks, it's how I come off.
  2. busybeeSN

    4.0 Student...Didn't get in

    I spoke with another student, who is in the program, and she is under the impression that the interview is the deciding factor. So basically grades and work experience get you to the interview and then they base the decision from the interview alone. I know a lot of you think looks don't matter, but I have been stereotyped more than once. I'm not exceptionally pretty or anything, I just have this way about me. People either assume I am very innocent and naive or kinda ditzy. Interviewers do let their impressions have a base on their decisions. That is why more and more companies are depending on computer programs to narrow down candidates, so those impressions don't have as much pull. The program I applied to had an average GPA of 3.6 in it's pool of accepted applicants last semester. Either way, when I apply again next semester my hair will be dyed dark and I will of worked on a more assertive interview voice. That's if I don't decide to go for Business Administration.
  3. busybeeSN

    4.0 Student...Didn't get in

    I'm pretty sad. I have worked my butt off. I have two young boys, I work as a CNA and I have a 4.0 GPA. I did well on my entrance exam. The program I applied to is competitive but not extremely competitive. I felt like the interview went ok except for with one of the interviewers. I have a soft voice, blond hair and big (natural) boobs. They didn't have my GPA or test scores during the interview and I felt like she just thought I was a bit of a bimbo. Ug... I have been working towards a minor in business and because of that I could get a degree in business administration a semester sooner at this point, that's IF I were able to get in to the BSN program next semester. This is the only affordable BSN program in my area. I just kind of feel bla at this point. I'm just venting to some people who understand the stress and the ones that understand the disappointment.
  4. busybeeSN

    I'm a Man, Can I be Successful as An OB Nurse

    One of my favorite nurses when I gave birth was male. I'm sure you can do it.
  5. busybeeSN

    Thinking of Switching to Nursing from Finance

    I'm getting my BSN but I have also been taking prereqs to apply for the MBA program at my school. I feel like that opens a lot of doors for growing in healthcare or another avenue if I choose. I could never do any type of accounting full time, no thank you. I don't like to waste time or money, so for me a graduate degree after my BSN makes the most sense for me.
  6. busybeeSN

    I GOT IN!

    Yay good for you! I'm still in the process of getting in to the school I applied for, I have an interview and then we don't find out till around Thanksgiving! Ug sooo long to wait. I'm sure you'll do great!
  7. busybeeSN

    quitting school, pls help.

    It's not what you want to hear but finish your ASN and then move onto a bachelors in something else.
  8. busybeeSN

    Do grades mean much?

    It makes a difference if you're planning on attending grad school or applying for scholarships.. Other than that, as long as you're passing, it only matters to the individual.
  9. busybeeSN

    Is it bad that I can't work holidays?

    That's usually something that should be said during the interview process. But, I have worked with students who went home during school breaks.
  10. busybeeSN

    Having a pathetically hard time with A&P--Need advice

    khanacademy.com has great videos on everything.
  11. busybeeSN

    Admissions competition gets us wound up tight!

    Ug I hated Stats, I still managed an A but by the skin of my teeth. I did so well in Algebra I thought it would be a breeze. Good job on getting that A!
  12. busybeeSN

    racist patients

    Just don't worry about it. You're there to give the best care you can. People come from all walks of life and some have different ideas about things. Don't let it bother you, it's there loss. They're the ones who have to deal with living a life with those feelings inside them. I have had older men treat me like I am totally incompetent because I'm a young woman. I honestly just do my job and let it roll off my back. I am thankful I don't have those preconceived notions about people.
  13. busybeeSN

    Financial Aid and $165,000.00 debt

    I'm sorry that just sounds like too much debt, my head is spinning. Can you file for bankruptcy on some of it? The private loans? I just can't comprehend paying that much for an undergraduate degree. Definitely go to a community college or somewhere where the program is inexpensive.
  14. busybeeSN

    divorce while in nursing school

    Talk to a lawyer, you may be able to keep the home and get alimony, especially because he has cheated. See if you can get proof and get him out of the house so you can focus on yourself and school. If you can't do these things separate emotionally from him and focus on school till you can leave. You'll want your degree once you're divorced.
  15. busybeeSN

    Interview attire

    Bring scrubs along with you.
  16. busybeeSN

    What was your hardest prerequisite course?

    Statistics was torture for me. I thought it would be easy because I did so well in Algebra. Nope it was way harder than any other class, for me.