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  1. I am looking at a PRN position for centralized staffing for Texas Health hospitals. Do you get to choose your shift? Do you get to choose which hospitals you pick up shifts from? Any guidance about how this works would be great please
  2. Happylady123

    Which brands don't wrinkle?

    All my Med Couture scrubs come out with little wrinkles all over them no matter what I do. They have to be ironed. FYI for people who read this post in the future.
  3. Happylady123

    Please stay up on your CEUs (NOT a medical assistant bash)

    I know this is an old thread, but just in case some happens to be reading it. I'm currently in a BSN program. The newest guidelines are to only give gluteal shots in the ventrogluteal area. This is to avoid the possibility of hitting the sciatic nerve. Even though it is rare, when it happens it can cause significant injury, so the risk isn't worth it. Also, the newest teaching is that IM injection sites should not be massages. You can apply gentle pressure for 10-15 seconds. Massaging the site can force the med into the subcutaneous tissue, which can cause irritation and isn't the goal of that route anyway. The Z-track method is preferred to keep the medication in the muscle as well. aspiration is no longer required based on CDC guidelines. Apparently evidence didn't support it. We were taught not to aspirate.
  4. Happylady123

    What Do Operating Room Nurses Do?

    I feel like your comments gave a much better view about what an OR nurse does. I have to admit that after reading the article, I was thinking, "That's it?" It seemed so basic. Your comments showed how a nursing background and understanding helps you save lives in the OR. Thank you for taking the time to write this.
  5. Happylady123

    No-Lift Hospitals in Texas?

    I'm a nursing student, and I'm concerned about back safety. Do you know of any no-lift hospitals in the Dallas-Ft.Worth area? I know the VA hospitals are no-lift, but are there any others that you know of? Or do you know if certain hospitals around Dallas-Ft.Worth take better care to keep their nurses from lifting? Thank you!
  6. Happylady123

    TWU Spring 2017 Applicants

    I got in!!!!!! Congrats to everyone who made it! And if you didn't, it just means there's a better fit for you - somewhere you will be even happier. Everything works out for the best, so keep going! Hugs to everyone!
  7. Happylady123

    Asthma treatment

    I know this is an old post, but it stood out to me that you said the child was on the preventative steroids and resistant to nebulizer & inhaler. That happens to me too! I have asthma, and I have tried probably 6 different types of steroid controller meds. Each time I use one of them, my albuterol inhaler becomes ineffective. I could take 10 puffs, and it will have no effect. It's really scary. None of the doctors I have seen have heard of this. However, in the drug information booklet that comes with these meds, it says that if the albuterol/bronchodilator stops being effective to immediately stop the medication. So the drug companies know this is a possibility, even though it seems that no one else does.
  8. Happylady123

    TWU Spring 2017 Applicants

    Anyone else checking their email 100 times a day? LOL
  9. Happylady123

    TWU Spring 2017 Applicants

    Yea! Thank you for the update! I just received my email yesterday that I am eligible for consideration.
  10. Happylady123

    How I Passed the TEAS Exam

    Thank you for sharing this study guide! It helped me more than anything else! Adjusted individual score: 97.6% National rank: 99% I went through the study guide, line for line, writing out my notes. I created flashcards and made audio files of quizzes from my notes, which I listened to when I was in the car. I supplemented my notes with videos from YouTube, specifically Crash Course Biology, Bozeman Science, and Amoeba Sisters. The free online TEAS V practice test from Mometrix was very helpful too. When I took the test, if I came across a question I wasn't sure about, I would choose an answer and then write down the question number on my scratch paper. Once I had answered all the questions, I went back to the questions I had marked and took my time thinking through the answers. I am the type of person who likes to rush through things, so the best guidance that I read and followed was to take my time and slow down. I wish you luck on your test!

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