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  1. winniewoman9060

    Can a registered nurse work as a medical assistant

    I’d take the night shift position while waiting for a day shift to open up. You’ve got foot in the door that way. It’d answer all your questions too. Or you could just wait and fu where you’ve put in applications and see if you’ve got an opportunity for an interview. good luck
  2. winniewoman9060

    Lose vs. Loose

    I’ll drink my wine while I whine.
  3. winniewoman9060

    Efficient clinic and job satisfaction. Help please!

    When I worked in a primary care clinic, we had RNs doing triage calls, injections, rooming patients, doing Rx renewals and it was a struggle. I don’t know how you’re keeping up with everything. If you have secretaries, they can do they prior authorizations. Is there clerical or non Rn tasks that can be delegated to other staff? Good luck
  4. winniewoman9060

    RN Liability Insurance

    I have NSO. It's cheap enough and I want to protect my family
  5. winniewoman9060

    I'm lost. I want to quit nursing.

    Medic/Nurse is the wise one here. Seriously look and pay attention to their advice. Counseling may help you de stress. You may need med treatment along with some self care ideas before you burn yourself out. There are many jobs out there. And there is stress in a lot of them. I work in a outpatient surgery setting and the pressure to maintain the or schedule can be intense. You've had a lot of great experience and you may need to look for a non hospital job for a while. Hang in there. Take care of you, your family, then the job.
  6. winniewoman9060

    What to do about burn out.

    Burnout is real. Talk to your primary care or see a counselor. It's a present to yourself. You may need meds for anxiety/depression. Take care of YOU.
  7. winniewoman9060

    Warm Fuzzies Story

    Amazing story
  8. If at first you don't succeed, try try again
  9. winniewoman9060

    Best Tips for Nurses - WIN $250! Nurses Week Contest 2018

    Please and thank you goes a long ways. People appreciate being asked, not told what to do. Using your manners, goes a long ways in forming a team. Remember you can do anything for the time of your shift, even if you don't care for all of your coworkers.
  10. winniewoman9060

    Benefits over passion?

    I would start at the VA and then transfer to the or.
  11. Cooperstown NY has plenty of openings.
  12. winniewoman9060

    Unstable Admission

    I would have questioned the appropriate of the admission too.
  13. winniewoman9060

    Er nurse to ir nurse

    Radiology job won't have the challenges as the ED. It's a slower pace most of the time
  14. winniewoman9060

    I felt burnt out and I'm not even working.

    Hugs to you. Having had rough patches in my life, I've ended up on anti depressants and see a psychiatrist. I had a friend once tell me a counselor is a gift to yourself. Something to think about too.
  15. winniewoman9060

    Experienced Viewpoint Please?

    I would avoid the school with the low rate.