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  1. American RN with no experience moving to the UK

    That is what I figured. I have been in contact with someone from a university about the APL program, which appears to be able to bridge any gaps in experience or education. However, the university just put me in contact with the nurse educator with t...
  2. Hey all, I am an American RN who just graduated with a BSN in May, and passed my NCLEX in June. My husband and I recently found out that we will be moving to England in a few weeks. I have discovered that I have to have a year of experience in order ...
  3. How can I volunteer in the UK?

    I am about to be in the same position. My husband, who is in the Air Force, has just gotten orders to the UK, and we are supposed to move in three months. I just graduated and passed my NCLEX 2 months ago and haven't gotten a job yet. How did this pa...
  4. New grad military spouse RN moving to UK

    Thank you for your advice! I am currently looking into nursing jobs that might offer the opportunity to work from home overseas while utilizing my American license, such as working for an insurance company. We'll see what turns up on that front, alth...
  5. I have graduated from an accelerated BSN program in May, and passed my NCLEX in June (woohoo!). My husband is in the military, has just gotten orders to the UK, and will be moving in three months. I would like to be able to go with him, but as a new ...