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  1. aThom126

    Duke ABSN Fall 2017

    Really hoping to hear back if I was accepted. I hope they let us know asap! Thanks for making this thread!
  2. aThom126

    Thinking of going into nursing and need advice

    I heard about the whole nurse social status too! I'm glad you said that new nurses would be doing the bed pans and dressings because in my head I was thinking Nurse Assistant's do those kinds of things but you're right, every nurse is going to get their hands dirty. I'm applying to Duke and NCCU right now. The pre reqs are the only things delaying me and I hate that I have to wait another year to actually start.I would rather change careers sooner rather than later but hopefully in a couple years we can look back at this post and go well, it was definitely worth it.
  3. aThom126

    Thinking of going into nursing and need advice

    I'm in the same boat. Late twenties and needing a career change. I have my B.A. in psychology so I would do an accelerated bachelors of nursing as well. I've been mulling over careers and I'm thinking of nursing or counseling. I've done a LOT of research about the process and wanted to warn you about the whole E.R./hospital thing. I'm sure an actual nurse can verify or maybe give different advice but from what I've learned off these website forums here on allnurses, and multiple other google searches is that the job you get out of nursing will most likely be working in a hospital. Until you get AT LEAST one year of experience they don't normally hire fresh out of school nurses for primary care doctor offices, clinics, etc. And it will most likely be a 12 hour shift starting with weekends/holidays until you're there at least a year. I could be wrong but I would just look into that if I were you since you emphasized you would not want to do E.R. or hospital type work. I feel the same way though, I would rather work in a small clinic as well.

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