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  1. nur_journey

    How to become NICU nurse

    I'm reaching out to anyone who is currently a NICU nurse. I am interested in learning how you got into this field and if you were immediately hired as a new grad RN in this position. I am currently in my senior year of nursing school and I am looking for ways to increase my chances of being employed on this unit. In your opinion, do you think working as a patient care technician on a labor and delivery unit would help me become a NICU nurse? I know in my area there are no NICU patient care technician job openings so it is not possible for me to gain experience directly in this area. Please let me know what areas would help me land a position in NICU or pediatrics upon graduating from nursing school. Any advice is appreciated! I am also not sure if employers really care for pediatric volunteer experience. I feel as if they are more interested in actual paid work experience, but let me know if I am wrong about this. Thank you so much!
  2. I am debating on applying to George Washington University, VCU, or Jefferson College of Health Sciences for the accelerated nursing program track. Has anyone heard of these programs? I am gravitating more towards GWU though, but wanted your opinions on any of these programs!
  3. nur_journey

    Right Path to Nursing?

    I have contacted a couple of nursing schools who told me that it would be no problem applying if my academic transcript indicates I was in good standing with the last university I attended (which it does)!
  4. nur_journey

    Right Path to Nursing?

    I failed my second semester of nursing school in December 2015. Since then I transferred to a college closer to home and also changed my major to something that is the complete opposite of nursing. I feel as though the decisions I make are not wise. The effects of failing nursing school in 2015 still take their toll on me and I feel as though my passion has been taken away from me... so here is my story: After failing two of my nursing classes as a result of not earning an 80% minimum, I was dismissed from nursing school. (I earned a 78.88% and 79.99% btw. If I would have received at least an 80% instead of 79.99%, I would have still been able to continue in the program. I would just have to repeat the one class I failed; 78.88%). Upon leaving the university despite being in good academic standing, I decided to change my major to health informatics. This falls under the health administration major. Upon completing one semester in this program, I realized I was not gaining much from it and the faculty/advisors were not helpful. I also did some research and found that this major leaves graduates unemployable and with no opportunities for jobs after college. Because of these factors, I changed my major to information systems and operations management (ISOM), which is part of the School of Business. This ISOM major is something I have no interest in and I do not like it. However, it put me the closest to graduating. I plan on applying to an accelerated nursing program after I graduate with the information systems degree. I really am disappointed in myself. I know most people would not take the route that I did. They would not change their major to something they are not interested in. But I felt like changing to psychology or health administration would leave me without a job after graduation in the case that I may fail nursing school in the future (just thinking worst case scenario). Most of my fellow classmates changed their majors to psychology, graduated, and are in an accelerated nursing program or awaiting entry into one. Some applied to other colleges/community college (not actual universities) directly after failing. I did apply to an LPN program at the community college, but did not get in for some reason despite earning a 4.0/meeting all application requirements. I kind of regret my decision and want to know what you all think. I don't think management information systems with be useful when paired with a nursing degree since they are completely unrelated.
  5. nur_journey

    Failed Nursing School

    I was accepted into a nursing program at a 4 year university in the Spring of 2015. I successfully completed my first semester of nursing school. However, during my second semester I failed my Adult Medical Surgical class by 0.12 points. I earned a 79.88% in this class. For my Obstetrics class I earned a 78.2%. Unfortunately, we had to score at least an 80% to continue in the program. We were only allowed to score below an 80% in one class and retake the class while being able to continue in the program. This all happened in December of 2015. I decided to leave my university even though I was in good academic standing. I then transferred to a community college in hopes of getting in their nursing program to become an LPN. Knowing that this was a community college, there were many applicants and limited space. Only 24% were accepted. I was not one of them even though my GPA was a 4.0 and my TEAS score was 80. (My GPA before the last semester that I failed out of nursing school was a 3.7. I have always been a straight A student at my previous 4 year university, but when it comes to taking exams like the TEAS, SAT's, and so on I score on the lower end. I know the TEAS score is not the greatest). At this point I don't know what to do with myself or what I should change my major to. I am 22 years old and was supposed to graduate with a degree this December 2016. I clearly cannot continue with my dream of nursing. I need to be logical and major in something that does not have a program I must be accepted into. This is unfortunate because I am only interested in the health care field. I have browsed other majors and nothing sparks an interest in me. My problem is that it's so hard for me to study something like business, information technology, so on when the majors are so dull to begin with. I don't feel happy or feel as though I would succeed pursing a new major that I don't care for at all. This whole experience has crushed me emotionally and I feel like my education has been taken from me. Any advice is much appreciated!

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