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  1. patientlywaitin

    Texas Children's July 2017 GN residency

    Is this a paid position? And if not, are your able to have a job while doing this program?
  2. patientlywaitin

    Rutgers ABSN Newark vs. New Brunswick

    I just got accepted to both campuses so I'm glad I found this. Thank you for responding to your own question. It was very helpful! I would also like to know some other things: 1. How are the classes? Do people normally pass them and what happens if you fail? 2. Is it possible to work a part time job or did the program take over your entire life? 3. Have you completed the program yet? Thanks!
  3. patientlywaitin

    Rutgers ABSN FALL 2016

    @monizka I know that Summer Session 2 for Union County College-Cranford campus starts tomorrow. I just checked and all the sections for chem 2 is closed. I know that it is possible to go to the campus and have the director of the department sign some paper work so that you can get into an already closed class. You would just have to act quick and do some searching/ asking around once you get there.
  4. patientlywaitin

    Rutgers ABSN FALL 2016

    I also got accepted to Newark! And I'm on the waitlist for New Brunswick.
  5. patientlywaitin

    Rutgers ABSN FALL 2016

    Is anyone else planning on working during the program?
  6. patientlywaitin

    Rutgers ABSN FALL 2016

    Yes! I am also finishing up the pre-reqs. The only one I have left is Microbiology. I haven't started yet but I already can't wait for it to be over lol. Good luck with Chem!
  7. patientlywaitin

    Rutgers ABSN FALL 2016

    Thank you for your response! I only have one prereq to complete which I will be starting soon. At the info session the presenter said that she would not recommend working during the program, but I would love to find a job that is as flexible.
  8. patientlywaitin

    Rutgers ABSN FALL 2016

    Hello everyone! I can't believe I'm just now finding this! I attended the information session back in February, but for some reason I wasn't able to find this chat while searching on the site. I recently graduated from Rutgers- NB with a BS in Public Health. I completed my applications to the ABSN program the day before graduation which was May 14th. I applied to both campus but would really love to attend NB campus because of the familiarity. I'm so tired of waiting to hear back, but its good to know that I shouldn't be expecting an acceptance letter this week. Thanks to everyone for their insight. I read that some of you guys also majored in Public Health at Rutgers. What have you been doing in the mean time? Also does anyone plan on living on-campus or in the New Brunswick area if you get into the program? Thanks in advance for your responses! :)

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