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  1. Hi, I graduated from my LVN program in CA last year and recently passed my nclex, but I recieved a letter aswing me why I checked the NO box when asked if I had ever been convicted of a crime. I did recieve an infraction for disturbing the peach in 2011 but i was told at the time by my attorney that it would never show up on my records and I would never need to dis close it. This is the only reason I didn't list it on my application. I requested the court minutes and I'm going to mail them in to the BON, but I'm wondering has any anyone else been in this situation? If so what was the outcome? And what did you list as the reason for not disclosing the information?
  2. TAndrea

    How long before your license shows on breeze?

    Thank you for the information I recently moved to Washington so I plan on transferring my license as soon as it's posted, so I don't actually need the hard copy license for the state of California because it won't do me any good, do I still need to pay the $150?
  3. Has anyone recently taken the California LPN NCLEX and if so how long did it take before your license showed up on Breeze? Space I took my exam on January 31st and I got the good pop up and now it's been 2 weeks and I still haven't received my official results and my results are not on Breeze. Is anyone else in this situation?
  4. Hi All, I am a newly licensed LVN in california, I would like to continue my education and go for an associates degree RN program however I am hoping to find a program that either doesn't require pre reqs or offers them simultaneously. I am willing to relocate to any state for the right school. I'm a single parent so I'm looking for the fastest option, I appreciate any advice. If you do know of a school please don't forget to list the name & location. Thank you