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  1. Hello all , Just wanted to see if anyone had any knowledge about the new grad employment opportunities in the Harford County Area. Wouldn't mind working at a VA either.
  2. Jmk4200

    PA Nursing school question

    Has anyone had any experience with HACC( Harrisburg Area Community College? Programs seems pretty solid. How are they on transferring credits. I already have a BS in the public health field.
  3. Hello all, had a question. I am currently serving as a 72D67C( Preventive Medicine Officer) in the National Guard. I enjoy what I do in the Army but on the civilian side..... not so much. As active duty is not an option at this point( kid on the way) I am looking at nursing school. I already have my Public Health background so I was thinking about re classing and going into the reserves at some point as a 66B. I still need to look into the logistics of it but I wanted to see if there were any Public Health nurses out there who may offer some insight. Thanks.
  4. Jmk4200

    Looking at a career change

    Hello all. I am brand new to this forum so here is a little about me. I have worked for 10 years as A registered sanitarian at a health department an I also currently serving in the military as a environmental science officer. Lately I have been hitting a wall and I am looking to so something else with my civilian career. I had a really good friend that was a male nurse and he seemed to enjoy it. However unfortunately he passed away so I am without any body to ask advice. What is the job market like for male nurses? Are there any male nurses that would be willing to share their experiences? Thanks .

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