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  1. arobichau1210

    sherri taylor workshop next week

    Thank you, I have been and making notes as I go through! Have you attended
  2. arobichau1210

    sherri taylor workshop next week

    Hello! I will be attending Sherri Taylor workshop next week, by chance is anyone else going to be attending?? I am super excited to gets hands on practice, if anyone has attended this same workshop before please let me know if you have any suggestions or pointers to get the most out of it!
  3. arobichau1210

    Does anyone have a CPNE workshop suggestion for 2016?

    I am taking sherri taylors workshop next week in Atlanta!
  4. arobichau1210

    excelsior FCCA

    Hi thank you! I signed up for Sheri Taylor's workshop to do before the cpne because of all the awesome reviews I heard about it. I was unaware you could test at more than one site? Can you explain?
  5. arobichau1210

    excelsior FCCA

    Hey guys! I just completed both courses for FCCA, I am now moving on for CPNE. Any recommendations? I plan on doing sheri taylors workshop, as far as study material goes what do you recommend? an help and pointers would be appreciated!!!