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  1. I have experience as RN in NYC, and will be wanting to move to SF, wanted to know prospects. I know both job markets are tight. Wondering if certain aspects are different. Thanks in advance!
  2. Oh yeah I know every big city is like that. Depends where you visited and when, there are trash days that become trash week ha!
  3. I also agree there are so many grads in NYC looking for jobs.
  4. Yeah once you've been a New Yorker any city looks sterile lol
  5. Compared to NyC yes, it's all relative. I have visited many times and am familiar what I am getting into.
  6. In comparison to NYC is it harder to find a job in SF? I'm just wondering more about the hospital systems there and the supply and demand. NYC has quite a few NP students, and few residencies.
  7. out of state from New England area, I love the Bay Area. I lived in NYC for a while and want to try an urban city that is cleaner and has more advocacy for nurses.
  8. I'm from the west not California but have been a nurse in Manhattan and CT. I know nyc is an animal of it's own, so I'm just wondering if it will be harder to find job in SF than NYC?
  9. FOR ACUTE CARE ADULT NP, I wanted to see if any of the community has experience applying to this part of the US. I am not familiar, and just want to see other's opinions. Also how early for CA do you apply for licensure/what are the steps? I am still in school so want to get organized.
  10. cahalana

    Yale MSN

    Hi, i am wondering about statistics for Yale's msn program. Like how many spots are available and how many applicants are there? Basically I want to see how competitive it is for a prospective applicant. I know they have direct entry students but I'm looking for how many RN MSN students are accepted thanks
  11. cahalana

    Is there such a thing as Engraving Stethoscope tubing

    Thanks but All Heart people are deceptive. They just print. For the record engravement requires digging out a part of the object. Printing is adding something to it. Thanks!
  12. I am not interested in colored printing on tubing, I want actual engravement into the tubing. Any ideas? I've seen it, but can't find it online. HELP!