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  1. I was reading some of the pay rates in the "New Grad pay" post (especially the new grad who applied at Parkland), and now I'm more afraid of what is going to be my outcome as an RN. I have been an LVN for 4 years(graduate in Dec. with ADN) and after reading what some of the RNs posted about their pay, it is suddenly feeling like I've made a mistake by bridging. Although I do work in Ped HH, I make a lot more $ than most RNs I've heard about. I am not sure what I should do as far as applying for internships at hospitals because I'm depressed at the thought that I'll clearly be taking a paycut.
  2. slelder

    DNI Dallas Nursing Institute RN program

    Thank you sooo much! You have been very helpful!
  3. slelder

    DNI Dallas Nursing Institute RN program

    I looked into TCC and they don't have a TEAS test date any time soon. I have to check ATI again in January to see if they have posted new test dates. I checked Hill College, Navarro and Weatherford as well and will see if I can apply there.
  4. So with everything you did at Excelsior, none of it will transfer out unless you take and pass the clinical portion? I really wanted to do the Excelsior thing, but I was just sooo afraid of hanging all of that hard work on a clinical that was stuffed into one weekend and have it all end badly for me if I do not do well. I really wish they had another option for clinicals.
  5. slelder

    DNI Dallas Nursing Institute RN program

    THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for this posting Texasboi. I was going to go apply to DNI this week bc I am an LVN wanting to bridge to RN ASAP. I took Chemistry in high school and can't seem to pass Statistics so that takes Collin College off my list. I was in the transition program at NCTC and did not pass the second semester and the overall experience was not the best, so I am back on the search. I am going to apply for El Centro's bridge program for Fall '11, but would LOVE a few other options.
  6. slelder

    Dallas Nursing Institute

    You might want to call DNI or go up there, probably going up there would be more beneficial. I, like you, am looking into applying to their bridge program since they accept more than once a year and I do not have time to sit in a classroom 4 days/week.
  7. Oh wow! I'm sorry to hear that. So what are you going to do?
  8. Hello all! I am an LVN with no clinical experience and I would love to get my RN sooner than later. As of now, I only know of El Centro starting in Fall '11 but does anyone know of any other program that doesn't require me to sit in class several days/week? I have heard from other nurses that since I am already an LVN, I cannot attend a BSN program like UTA or TWU, so that leaves very few options. I have read the posts about Excelsior and do not want to gamble $2K on a 3-day clinical that I could very well fail just from being nervous or the preceptor grades harshly. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  9. slelder

    Brookhaven Nursing Program--Changing?

    The point system does not prove anything either. Now that I am in the nursing program, and there are two girls that are repeating the program for the second time this year and they did very well with their support courses and pre-reqs. I don't think anyone (students and instructor) will know if nursing is for them until they either volunteer in a hospital before they get into a program, or just wait until clinicals. We recently just had two girls drop out of the program because of situations they were going through in the personal lives, i.e. kids, pt job,etc. Anyhoo, point being, I don't think there are a lot of ways to tell until the person has had some sort of experience in care taking.
  10. slelder

    Brookhaven Nursing Program--Changing?

    Well good luck with your application. I am in a nursing program at El Centro right now and trust me, you would probably be better off at Brookhaven. El Centro's nursing programs are very unorganized...I mean, just look at where the college is located!! I wish someone would have warned me about the school before I decided to attend.
  11. slelder

    Brookhaven Nursing Program--Changing?

    Oh great! They are no longer going to have an interview process...hmmm...they are prob going to just go off of 4.0 GPA's like everybody else. What a surprise! I can't wait until they realize that just because someone has a 4.0, that doesn't mean that they'll be a good nurse, it really just means that they can retain information they have read and be able to spit it back out. Thank goodness I am already in!
  12. thank you for all of your help. i guess i have to get over the fact that our instructors haven't really provided us with much assistance and just do the best i can with the information i have found on this forum. i am so grateful for this forum and for all of the help everybody gives to one another.
  13. I'm sorry...yes, MS was the abbreviation on the admission form. No, he wasn't climbing the walls, and honestly, by the time I was assigned to him, he was Alert & Oriented X3. I picked a new patient to do my care plan on. We have to have 1 diagnosis and 2 "problems". I'm sorry for wasting your time, but my program experience hasn't been the best due to the program director being completely un-organized. I think I might be able to complete a better care plan database with the patient I have now though. He was admitted for chest pains and he has been diagnosed with CHF and a whole slew of other illnesses and diseases. Anyhoo...Thanx again!
  14. slelder

    Med/Surg Test over Diabetes -- HELP!

    Do you have any good pointers on how to study for the GI & GU diseases? I have the test next Wednesday...1st semester in LVN program.
  15. I have identified some of the causes of Altered MS, but I cannot figure out how to write the pathophysiology statement to begin my care plan. I am in a LVN program in Dallas, TX, and luckily, my clinical instructor is helping us with the care plan. So, my biggest issue is putting the right words on the paper! Can someone please help me figure out how to properly word a pathos statement for a pt admitted with altered MS? Some of the diseases/infections my patient has that relate to altered MS are: Hypertension, MRSA in urine, side effects from Dorzolamide/Timolol, urine retention, & PVD. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  16. I wish DFW had a school like that. Then that would give some people, those who want to, an opportunity to work and go to school.