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studog12 is a BSN and specializes in PCU.

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  1. Advice For Workflow Routine

    Hey @0.9%NormalSarah, Good tip. I’m trying to take the approach of getting the important details I don’t get in report right after report and then get going to be as efficient as possible with patient care. Afterward, if I have time, I then can ...
  2. Advice For Workflow Routine

    Thanks, @LovingLife123. Really appreciate your input, and it’s good to know you take the time to look things up and have a good baseline before you start your day, too. It seems like taking the extra time to look things up, as time and the flow of th...
  3. Advice For Workflow Routine

    Hey Caroline, Thanks so much for your thoughtful and encouraging response. It means a lot to be recognized for being safe by being thorough, as often times speed and the revolving door business mentality is what seems to dominate hospital life,...
  4. Advice For Workflow Routine

    Hey, everyone. I’ll try to keep this as brief as I can so as not to exhaust readers. So, I am a PCU nurse with about 5 years of experience, and at this point I feel pretty confident in my clinical skills and the knowledge I’ve acquired (though I...
  5. Should I Transfer to ICU?

    Thank you both so much for the thoughtful responses. I ended up getting to shadow some of the ICU nurses for a few shifts as part of an "uptraining" program for PCU nurses when the pandemic was hitting us hard in the beginning. The shifts went well, ...
  6. Should I Transfer to ICU?

    Hey everyone, I’ll try to keep this as short as I can. So, I’m at a crossroads and I don’t know what to do. To give you some background, I am a PCU male nurse with about 3 1/2 years of experience working in a cardiac/neuro and a multi system PCU. Whe...
  7. Thanks, Ruby. I appreciate the support!
  8. Hey Everybody, I am a new nurse working on a busy telemetry floor on the south side of Chicago. I have a couple of issues to put forth that have been bothering me for a while now. Sorry about the length, and I did try to cut it down, but I don't thin...
  9. Mistakes

    @Susie 2310, thank you for your reply. To kind of respond to your response point by point, yes, I definitely check to make sure that I am giving the correct medication and taking the time to look up what I am giving and why it is being given to the p...
  10. Mistakes

    You are probably right, and I have been able to let that go with time. Like I said, recent events have just resurrected past feelings, you know? Thank you.
  11. Mistakes

    @Been there, done that, thank you for your reply. Well, for the magnesium instance my preceptor asked if I was comfortable hanging it, and I told her I was, and I really meant it. I had hung enough IV meds to be comfortable enough doing it on my own,...
  12. Mistakes

    Thank you so much for your kind reply. It really means a lot. I wish this were not such a taboo topic and that everyone would be more empowered to be more open and honest. And yes, I can tell you I will never make the same mistakes again. I have had ...
  13. Mistakes

    Hi All, I know that there are already other threads about this topic, but I decided to start one just so I could get some direct feedback. So, I am on orientation in an ICU at a nationally known hospital, and I am also a new grad. Recently (but not ...
  14. Charting/Assessment Struggles

    @Been there, done that Well, I didn't ask her, but let me explain a little bit. From the get-go she was very adamant about getting me to "move along," trying to push me to be efficient while being thorough simultaneously. That sounds good in theory, ...
  15. Charting/Assessment Struggles

    Yeah, that's a good idea. I have recently begun to write down abnormalities that I see on my sheet of paper so I will KNOW what I assessed. I guess I can also write down anything I realize I miss during my initial head-to-toe when I am charting in t...