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RNlmbhb has 10 years experience and specializes in GI, Internal Medicine, Surgery, NICU.

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  1. CHOC RN Residency June 2016

    Did you get the job? Do you mind me asking, did you have PALS or NRP? Did you do your preceptorship in the NICU? I have over 10 years of LVN experience and recently got my RN and BSN and did my preceptorship in the NICU. I didn't get an interview. I ...
  2. Can RNs in CA give Propofol??

    When I type in "Propofol" under state board of nursing...it comes up 1.5 pages on CONSCIOUS SEDATION; the first paragraph states: "It is within the scope of practice of registered nurses to administer medications for the purpose of induction of consc...
  3. Can RNs in CA give Propofol??

    Thanks! This is very helpful. I'm from Texas and knew it isn't legal in TX, but CA board of nursing does not go into detail like TX does. I will try to find out more what Ca board says. I know the place has an anathesiaologist on site, but not sure i...
  4. Can RNs in CA give Propofol??

    Correct. They would train me and I would make sure I am comfortable with it before doing it. It is for an endoscopy job doing pre op, sedation and recovery. It's a small center (not in a hospital). So I'm a little skeptical, may ask her to clarify.
  5. Can RNs in CA give Propofol??

    I am new to California and looked up the policy for sedation meds that RNs can give and it is very vague. It states that a RN can give any medication as long as it a appropriately prescribed. I know in most states, RNs CANNOT give Propofol and just w...