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  1. Were you a WGTC student or were you in the Tanner Scholarship program?
  2. Was your score exactly an 82? And i was this your first time applying??
  3. Oh really?? I hope the average is an 85..that would give us a good chance!! I have a friend who graduated from the Murphy campus and she says they accepted 35 when she was accepted a couple years ago. Good luck to you! Maybe we will both get in and meet!
  4. Hello everyone. I have applied for the fall semester at West Georgia Technical College Murphy Campus for 2016 RN program. I am just curious if there is anyone else on here who has applied for the same program? If so, I'm curious of your overall competitive selection score. Mine is an 82.60. I'm just wondering the average acceptance score and if anyone knows how many seats Murphy usually accepts?