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  1. Hello all, Has anyone else applied or has been accepted to JFK Muhlenberg nursing program generic track for January of 2019? I am extremely nervous if I will be accepted or not. My transcript from my current community college my GPA stands at a 2.95. When I factor in my other courses from a college I attended straight out of high school it brings it down to a 2.69. Do you think I have a chance of getting into this school? Keep in mind that all of my pre-requisite classes have been completed, (A&P 1 & 2, Micro, etc...) all passing with an avg of a B. Any information will help. Thank you!
  2. Joeym928

    JFK MUHLENBERG FALL 2018 Acceptance

    Hello, I just applied to JFK Muhlenberg I am so sorry to hear that you didn't get in, I hope trintas is treating you well because that is my plan as too, to apply there if I dont get accepted to JFK. if you dont mind me asking, what was your GPA and were all your pre-reqs completed? This will give me a better idea if JFK will accpet me.. my GPA is only a 2.7
  3. Joeym928

    JFK MUHLENBERG FALL 2018 Acceptance

    So mulhenberg did accept you with the 2.8? Also if you're still in the program how do you like it? How's the professors? Any cons? Lol thank you again
  4. Joeym928

    JFK MUHLENBERG FALL 2018 Acceptance

    Thank you for responding! I'm right behind you with a 2.7 cumulative GPA. I have all my science courses completed with an avg of a B. I feel like I don't want to get my hopes up about getting accepted. I just applied for spring 2019 semester. My app is still incomplete though I still have to take the teas, and I'm taking that like a few days before the deadline.
  5. Joeym928

    JFK MUHLENBERG FALL 2018 Acceptance

    I know this is an older post but do you remember what your GPA was when you applied if you don't mind me asking. Also, did you have all your science courses completed because I'm nervous I won't make the cut for Muhlenberg.
  6. Joeym928

    St. Paul School of Nursing Queens 2011

    hello I know that is this an older post but hopefully you still do use this account. I live in staten island and I was considering going to Saint Pauls Im just hearing negative things about this school, like they are shutting down and are about to lose their accreditation. Have you heard anything about that I really do not want it to be true because I was looking forward to attending Saint Pauls. I just dont want to get screwed over in the end.
  7. How is brookdale community colleges nursing program. The college that is located in lincroft. Any graduates from there that feel the need to share something about the school. are they organized? Are the professors actually doing their job as teachers. Does it really get you ready for the nclex?
  8. I'm attending a college in the state of New Jersey for an associates in nursing. Now I live in New York. Will I be able to work as a nurse in New York even though I am taking my classes in New Jersey. And also I would be taking the NCLEX in the state of New Jersey as well
  9. Joeym928

    Working as a nurse in different states

    So I shouldn't have a problem then? I don't wanna have to take a seperate exam for different states.
  10. Joeym928

    Brookdale Community College Nursing 2014

    Does brookdale offer tutoring for the nclex near the end of the program?
  11. So I live in Staten Island and I am looking at "Saint Pauls school of nursing" I am looking for a nursing program that is actually accredited. I keep hearing that this school is going to be non-accredited in the up coming years. What if I'm in the school and then suddenly they take away the accreditation. Does this mean I am going to get "screwed" too. Has anyone been to this school that has any input. The Staten Island location. Is it worth going there or should I look into brookdale community college and go to their nursing program.
  12. Joeym928

    Saint Pauls nursing school

    If anyone has attended this school please provide me with me insight about it. I hear bad things I hear good things. I hear they are going to lose their accreditation soon