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  1. JessIsOK

    Which Omaha Hospital?

    I decided to apply at Creighton, because their start dates just work better for what's coming for me in the future. How are you liking the program at Creighton?
  2. JessIsOK

    Which Omaha Hospital?

    Hi all, I'm having difficulty deciding between doing an ABSN at Creighton or Methodist. Disclaimer: I haven't been accepted at either school yet, but they require some slightly different prerequisites. I'm trying to lay out my prereq plan right now. 1. Does where you go to school have any impact on the ease of getting hired by that particular hospital? For example, if I want to work for Methodist after nursing school, should I go to Methodist? 2. Which health system is better to work for? Methodist or Creighton? Thank you so much for any help you can offer!
  3. JessIsOK

    Is clarkson reputable?

    Yep, Clarkson is a great school, and is definitely well-known in this area for their quality nursing programs. :)
  4. JessIsOK

    Creighton ABSN Spring 2017

    Hi there! I'm also looking into an ABSN (but I'm in Omaha) and had an opportunity to talk in some depth with someone who got their ABSN through Creighton. I would imagine that the curriculum is identical at both campuses, so here's what I've been told about it: 1. It IS a lot of work, but it's doable for a year. 2. You won't have much spare time--you'll be at school during the day and at night, you're prepping for the next day. 3. You won't really get to work ahead on stuff. You'll have so much to do that basically you'll only be able to prep for the next day, but not really ahead. Ummm, I'm trying to think what else we discussed, but if you want more info, I can put you in touch with the gal that I got this info from. :) Good luck! Jess
  5. I've heard that trying to get into Accelerated BSN programs can be highly competitive and difficult. I will most likely be laid off from my job in the next year or so and pretty much all of my plans for post-layoff hinge on me being accepted into an accelerated BSN program at one of the schools in Omaha. Do you know what schools look at when considering applications for admission? My GPA is a pretty solid 3.5, and I've done well in my math and science classes, but I'm also 37 years old. What do you think my chances of admission are at Creighton, Methodist or UNMC? Thank you for any help that you can offer!