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    LPN job prospects in Abq/SF?

    Hello. I'm a new LPN grad from the midwest who's just obtained his NM license so I can move to be around my family - didn't even bother getting licensed in the state I graduated in since it's a non-compact state on top of the fact that I know noone here anymore. I've been scouring the job boards and have not found many LPN openings for new grads - most state they want 1-year of experience.. the most-recent job experience I have is as a CNA for the past 1.5 years in LTC. I'm moving next month and decided I would wait to apply for any openings until physically settled in NM, but I'm sort of afraid of not finding a job the closer moving time gets. Is anyone familiar with any facilities who hire *new grad LPNs?? thank you in advance for reading.