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benharold1 has 35 years experience as a BSN.

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  1. I have been a nurse for over 35 years and have also seen a drastic change in the way bedside nurses are treated. It used to be if a nurse wanted to manage or be a charge nurse they had to earn that position and prove their expertise and competency as a nurse. Now it is open to anyone who has a BSN or MSN but may lack the actual patient care experience. Some of this is due to the ANA's expectation that all nurses have degrees and in the process have encouraged a culture away from the bedside. In addition, upper-level managers are basically the watch-dogs to ridiculous patient perception initiatives such as Studer. The shortage is once again here and the most difficult jobs in nursing (BEDSIDE nursing Care) are the least respected. I am so sorry for anyone who is reliant on safe care in a hospital or other care institution in which nurses and aides are understaffed and over-worked leading to unsafe conditions for patients. It's time the top-heavy management roll-up their sleeves and do the real work of nursing, caring for patient's at the bedside. I wish they would quit blaming the bedside nurse for problems with patient care and man up and take some responsibility and accountability for the issues that really contribute to less than satisfactory and safe care.
  2. benharold1

    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    It is sad that nursing care now revolves around census and money. I have been a nurse for a long time and am planning to leave my current job exactly for those reasons. I have been chastised by management for speaking-up concerning unsafe conditions. I no longer want to be legally liable for the unsafe conditions that jeopardize patients and my license. I have the fortune to have been hired in a non-cooperate setting. I will be making less but will at least be assured that I can provide safe, compassionate , loving care to my patients.
  3. Let's face it. If someone at work has it out for you you're out-of-luck. This happens in not-for-profits as well. Then the crazy administrators who run these places will be begging and offering sign-on bonuses when they have trouble hiring nurses due to shortages. Sadly, managers and administrators are disrespectful to the profession. But when they, family, friends are sick expect the red carpet to be rolled out for them. But guess what? There may not be any bedside nurses to care for you either.
  4. benharold1

    How often do you wash your scrubs? :)

    I wash my scrubs immediately when I get home. I feel "dirty" after wearing them for over 12 hours, and not sure what they were exposed to during my shift.
  5. Thank you for your advice. So sad after working for this company for so long that I'm being treated this way. Take care!
  6. benharold1

    I cant stand the attitude of many nurses

    It is sad that there are some work environments with not a lot of emotional support for nurses and co-workers who take advantage of those of us who work hard and do the best for our patients. I was recently written up by a manager for not delegating a bath to a PCA. I was helping her out and wanted to assess the patient's skin but was still criticized. I often help with their work because if I didn't the patient would not get a bath. Some always find an excuse, but when a patient is under my care everything is my responsibility.
  7. I need some advice from nurses who have been injured on the job and have workman's comp pay for medical bills. I fell at work 6 weeks ago and fractured my shoulder. My medical bills are being paid through workman's comp and I have been able to work "light-duty" on the days I am scheduled to work. I also am currently a prn nurse at this job. I did not apply for temporary disability so I am not receiving additional income from workman's comp. I attend physical therapy twice a week and still have stiffness and pain in my shoulder with some limited range of motion but seems to be gradually improving. My manager recently "counseled" me concerning an issue I had with another employee that happened 4 months ago. She put the "performance counseling" in my record that basically stated performance improving conditions and possibility of being terminated if I did not "improve my performance." She also stated that another nurse and pca stated I was "curt" with them. This was the first time I heard of these allegations. I was not told of the details or when this supposively happened. I was not reprimanded for my nursing care only my "attitude" towards other staff members. I feel that the main driver for this disciplinary action is my injury and feel very threatened. It seems as though my manager is attempting to fire me on the grounds of some sort unproven allegations. I really do not want to work for her anymore and feel very demoralized by her accusations toward me. I have worked with the company for over 15 years. I fear being fired. I really want to quit and look elsewhere for another job that is less physical and stressful. Has anyone had a similar incident and been on workman's comp? If I quit or am terminated will workman's comp bills for my medical care still have to be paid.( Ohio) I know I cannot start working another nursing job until my physician releases me to full duty. Thank you for any advice you can give.
  8. benharold1

    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    I love to give baths and basic care and know it is part of nursing care, but when you work with nurses aides that play with their phones or on the computer and don't do their work and management does not hold them responsible it's just ridiculous and the nurses will care for the patient's because otherwise they would be neglected. Then management complains when your overtime. That's why I'm looking for a new job!
  9. benharold1

    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    I think it is sad that so many bedside nurses feel abandoned by the profession. I am looking for a less-stressful nursing or other job that I will enjoy. I love working and interacting with clients and families but absolutely cannot stand what cooperations and management have done to nurses and patient care. Anymore, it's all about profit, even for non-profits. Emphasis is on improving survey scores by encouraging patient/family perception of great care, not necessarily actual great care. Instead cooperations hire consulting groups as the answer to "training" staff to say "the right thing." Where is the fiscal responsibility in wasting money for concepts they easily could have devised themselves. Staffing decisions are decided by people who do not have a clue what it takes to care for patients safely and compassionately. Nursing Management is often just a cheer-leader for cooperate non-sense and enforces crazy policies that do not ensure better nursing care.
  10. benharold1

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    I can't blame her for being secretive about working other places. Sometimes there is a conflict of interest in working for another competing hospital and a potential of losing one's job.
  11. benharold1

    Writing HR to improve chances of getting job

    I appreciate all the comments and advise everyone has given me. I guess it's just my personality. I am a very proactive nurse and have had to assertively advocate for my patients for years. I guess I thought it was time to advocate for myself by writing the prospective employer. But so far it hasn't paid off. So fortunately, I have learned a lesson. I have been in my current position for 15 years, so obviously I am not accustomed to applying for employment in recent years. Years ago, applications were done in person and you spoke to real people. I have several interviews with different organizations this week. I will just be more laid back. If they contact me great, if not, oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I didn't commit a crime or harm anyone except myself by obliterating the chances of not getting the job.
  12. I recently applied for a position in an ECF that I really want. The ECF is very well run, excellently staffed and much lower stress than my current position. The pay and benefits would be less, but to me the change would be worth it for my overall well being. I plan to leave my current job ASAP. Unfortunately I don't get along with my manager in my current job and my morale is suffering and I feel depressed. I interviewed with HR and the DON at the ECF and felt the interview went well. The HR manager stated that she was not able to get a hold of my current employer to verify employment and asked for other references. I provided her with several additional references to contact, none of which she contacted. I wrote the HR manager via e-mail stating that I was still very interested in the job and if employment was available to contact me. I know this is an aggressive move but I really would like a position in this facility. I have 35 years of varied RN experience and an excellent employment record. Am I being too aggressive in pursuing this job? Has anyone ever contacted HR post interview? Thank you for your time!
  13. benharold1

    Help me, Allnurses, I make bad choices when I'm anxious!

    I also find that I have trouble making decisions when I am overly anxious. My current nursing position is extremely stressful and I don't get along with my manager. In fact, we got into a "heated" discussion the other day and I really thought I was going to be fired. It was totally about patient safety though and I am sure I was in the right. I plan to leave this position and actually wrote an HR manager I interviewed with but did not have a job offer explaining that I was willing to take a position if she offered one and would be very flexible in my schedule to accommodate the needs of the facility. (Not sure if this is a great idea but need to know where I stand). This position would be a lot less stressful than my current one. I hope you get the position you apply for and that it is a much better fit for you. Nursing is so stressful and as caregivers we need to take care of ourselves and do what is in our best interest for our health, families and general over-all well being. I wish you the best of luck! Thank you for allowing me to vent.
  14. benharold1

    The Future of Nursing Retention

    I just wish more health care systems would explore creative ways to schedule. The 12 hour shift seems like a great idea until you have to work 14-15 hours with no lunch or breaks. After these shifts I am exhausted for the next two days. I work two a week but really don't enjoy the crazy long hours and continuous stress. I am over 50 and I don't think that the needs of older nurses are being considered at all. Sure when I was in my 20's, 30's and even 40's I could handle 12-16 hour shifts, but no anymore. Everything seems to be set-up for the needs of younger nurses and yet hospitals and other health care facilities need experienced seasoned nurses. Unfortunately, I am planning on leaving my current position for something less stressful but it is difficult to find work that does not involve 12 hour shifts.
  15. benharold1

    Nursing management necessary?

    Managers are definitely important to the seeing protocol and efficiency on a unit. However, a bad manager that is not supportive of the staff can be a nightmare. Often these managers lose staff and the company money with constant staff turn-around and cost of new staff and orientation. The nursing profession is in need of staff nurse supportive managers instead of lemmings who answer the call of upper-level management driven by profits and no clue of what it takes for patients to get truly safe, quality care.
  16. benharold1

    Hospice nursing not easy!

    Hello, Thank you for responding to my post. I read with great interest what other nurses experiences are. I work in an inpatient Hospice unit. I charge on some days , but the days I work the floor I usually have 5-6 patients which includes an admission. Our management is wanting us to take 7 patients and charge nurse at least a partial assignment.(sometimes full assignment) We are crazy busy and get a lot of admissions particularly during the last few hours of our shift. Usually we don't have the opportunity to eat lunch during out 12 plus hour shift. I am looking for a career transition either more 1:1 care in hospice or completely different area of nursing. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I might consider doing admissions instead of homecare. Thank you for your service and care to families and patients.

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