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  1. benharold1

    Why Nurses Are Leaving the Bedside In Droves

    I think it is sad that so many bedside nurses feel abandoned by the profession. I am looking for a less-stressful nursing or other job that I will enjoy. I love working and interacting with clients and families but absolutely cannot stand what cooperations and management have done to nurses and patient care. Anymore, it's all about profit, even for non-profits. Emphasis is on improving survey scores by encouraging patient/family perception of great care, not necessarily actual great care. Instead cooperations hire consulting groups as the answer to "training" staff to say "the right thing." Where is the fiscal responsibility in wasting money for concepts they easily could have devised themselves. Staffing decisions are decided by people who do not have a clue what it takes to care for patients safely and compassionately. Nursing Management is often just a cheer-leader for cooperate non-sense and enforces crazy policies that do not ensure better nursing care.
  2. benharold1

    Nurses secretive about getting another job

    I can't blame her for being secretive about working other places. Sometimes there is a conflict of interest in working for another competing hospital and a potential of losing one's job.
  3. benharold1

    Writing HR to improve chances of getting job

    I appreciate all the comments and advise everyone has given me. I guess it's just my personality. I am a very proactive nurse and have had to assertively advocate for my patients for years. I guess I thought it was time to advocate for myself by writing the prospective employer. But so far it hasn't paid off. So fortunately, I have learned a lesson. I have been in my current position for 15 years, so obviously I am not accustomed to applying for employment in recent years. Years ago, applications were done in person and you spoke to real people. I have several interviews with different organizations this week. I will just be more laid back. If they contact me great, if not, oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I didn't commit a crime or harm anyone except myself by obliterating the chances of not getting the job.
  4. I recently applied for a position in an ECF that I really want. The ECF is very well run, excellently staffed and much lower stress than my current position. The pay and benefits would be less, but to me the change would be worth it for my overall well being. I plan to leave my current job ASAP. Unfortunately I don't get along with my manager in my current job and my morale is suffering and I feel depressed. I interviewed with HR and the DON at the ECF and felt the interview went well. The HR manager stated that she was not able to get a hold of my current employer to verify employment and asked for other references. I provided her with several additional references to contact, none of which she contacted. I wrote the HR manager via e-mail stating that I was still very interested in the job and if employment was available to contact me. I know this is an aggressive move but I really would like a position in this facility. I have 35 years of varied RN experience and an excellent employment record. Am I being too aggressive in pursuing this job? Has anyone ever contacted HR post interview? Thank you for your time!
  5. benharold1

    Hospice nursing not easy!

    Hello, Thank you for responding to my post. I read with great interest what other nurses experiences are. I work in an inpatient Hospice unit. I charge on some days , but the days I work the floor I usually have 5-6 patients which includes an admission. Our management is wanting us to take 7 patients and charge nurse at least a partial assignment.(sometimes full assignment) We are crazy busy and get a lot of admissions particularly during the last few hours of our shift. Usually we don't have the opportunity to eat lunch during out 12 plus hour shift. I am looking for a career transition either more 1:1 care in hospice or completely different area of nursing. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. I might consider doing admissions instead of homecare. Thank you for your service and care to families and patients.
  6. benharold1

    Change in career: Adolescent psychiatric nursing

    Thank you so much for your advice and wisdom concerning Adolescent Psych nursing. I do have an interview but I am concerned about safety for myself and the patients. I will have a lot of questions for the interviewer and will decide if this specialty of nursing is really for me.
  7. I am a 57 year old nurse with 35 years of experience in everything from med-surg, oncology, telemetry, postpartum and most recently 15 years as an inpatient hospice nurse. I really need a change and feel I am currently in a rut and need a new challenge. I recently applied for a Adolescent psychiatric nurse job in a Hospital residential setting. Does anyone here have experience as an Adolescent psych nurse? Do you like you current position? Do you feel safe in the environment you work in? Do you have any advice for me concerning what the job is like and how I can best prepare to be a pediatric psychiatric nurse (ie: educational material, advice for the job)? I appreciate any input that you are willing to give.
  8. benharold1

    Interested in Hospice, coming in from a different field

    I have been an inpatient nurse for 15 years. We are very busy and understaffed most of the time. We also have a lot of procedures (port, pivs, chest tubes wounds, no vents) I have 5-6 patients including an admission. I do a lot of overtime and am really not happy in the field any more and plan to look for a change. I think you maintain most of the skills you would use in the hospital working in inpatient hospice care. I do think it is a very rewarding field of nursing and I do not want to discourage you. I just need to move on from my current situation. I wish you the best!
  9. benharold1

    Hospice nursing not easy!

    Sad thing is I guess I am not cut out for the stress anymore. I think I am a good nurse and give the patient good care but working 2-4 hours overtime just gets to you
  10. benharold1

    Is this even Legal?

    It is ridiculous for the administration to think you can care for that many patients safely. I would take it up to the highest level of management and even the CEO. Report them to JCAHO as previously suggested. This is why nurses need to unionize, not only to protect ourselves but the safety of the patients!
  11. benharold1

    Hospice nursing not easy!

    I have seen many post that refer to hospice nursing as an alternative to an easier, less stress field of nursing. I have worked in an inpatient Hospice unit for the last 15 years and believe me it is terribly stressful. Our workload has steadily increased. We never have enough staff to give the patient the time and care they deserve. I think areas like homecare and admissions are less stressful because the interaction is more 1 on 1. Does anyone else here work in an inpatient unit? Is it stressful and with inadequate staffing and high-turnover ?
  12. benharold1

    Shared Leadership staff communication

    Thank you for your advice. More than 1 way of communication may enhance involvement in SLC.
  13. benharold1

    Shared Leadership staff communication

    I am a co-chair of our unit's Shared Leadership committee which is just starting to be revitalized again. We want to be able to communicate with our staff easily and for the staff to be able to present ideas and projects in an electronic format that all can see and easily be shared. I am wondering what other SLC do concerning staff communication and involvement and communication. We have found in the past that it is very difficult for staff to attend sit-down meetings since schedules on our unit vary so much. I was thinking of the potential of having a blog and somehow communicating projects and accomplishments through a folder that everyone can easily access. We have folders within the company but they are difficult to access and I fear that this may be a deterrant to SLC participation. Website? Blog? other means of communication? I appreciate any input you are willing to share with me. Thank you!
  14. benharold1

    Western Governors online MSN program

    Hello, I am interested in applying to Western Governors MSN online program. Just wanted to know if anyone out there is currently a student or graduate of the MSN online program. If so, what were your experiences? How did a degree from Western Governors impact your career goals? Do you feel it is a reputable school and worth the money? I appreciate any input you can give. Thank youA
  15. benharold1

    Interested in becoming school nurse

    I would like to potentially be a school nurse full time.