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  1. If Tulsa becomes a hotzone, I won't be volunteering there

    No. I already stated that it’s their right to not volunteer. It’s the harshness of saying they wouldn’t help because of those patients choices. Why post this at all? Who cares if you’re going to volunteer or not? Why post about it? You know why they ...
  2. If Tulsa becomes a hotzone, I won't be volunteering there

    This statement inherently makes you a horrible nurse. Because you don't do this or that I won't take care of you? That is fine you will not volunteer. That is your choice. But your statement speaks volumes about your moral compass and you're stating ...
  3. MJC 2018 Spring application

    Good evening everyone, Looks like many of you are stressed and pretty anxious about hearing back in regards to your acceptance. I can tell you first hand that the stress does not go away. I just graduated from MJC in April and I can tell you that it ...
  4. MJC 2018 Spring application

    Hello future MJC nursing students. I am a class representative in the MJC nursing program. I graduate in 2 weeks and will finally be finished. Just wanted to give you guys a little insight into what the scores are since you are all interested in what...
  5. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    The only thing that changes is that it will say that your documents and application was approved. You all have to wait until the 18th or a little longer in the case of last year because of website issues. They give everyone a full answer on the same ...
  6. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    I am confident that you will be fine with 76. The new MSPAR was created to make the program even more competitive to be honest. I am betting that any score 75 and above will be accepted this year.
  7. MJC Spring 2017 Applicants

    Hey everyone, I am currently on summer break and I am about to start my third semester of nursing at MJC. Just to clear some things up for you guys. MJC cutoff last year was 72 Columbia cutoff was 68 To be honest with you I don't see score rising too...
  8. Modesto Junior College ADN App '17/'18

    Hello, I am about to finish my second semester of nursing at MJC. Our cohort was the first cohort since they implemented the scoring system where every student basically had straight A's before applying. Lowest score accepted to MJC was 72. I'm will...
  9. Modesto Junior College ADN applicants '16/'17 MJC Nursing

    Well I know of someone who has a 69 now and were asked to submit documents. The 68s were not asked, so it seems 69 is the cutoff. Good luck everyone.
  10. Modesto Junior College ADN applicants '16/'17 MJC Nursing

    Might be a typo or worded wrong. Because I just asked her about it and she says that many applicants is overkill since most people accept their offer to the program so it would be useless work for them sort through, which actually makes sense.
  11. Modesto Junior College ADN applicants '16/'17 MJC Nursing

    It's strange that this part says different: [h=4] Selection Process[/h]The Modesto Junior College (MJC) Associate Degree Nursing Program utilizes a multicriteria screening process to evaluate and select applicants for admission. Specified criteria us...
  12. Modesto Junior College ADN applicants '16/'17 MJC Nursing

    I heard different from someone already in the program who is an ambassador, I think Jennifer was her name. She said it was 120 for both schools combined.
  13. Modesto Junior College ADN applicants '16/'17 MJC Nursing

    MJC Nursing: Spring 2016 Applicants is the facebook page
  14. Modesto Junior College ADN applicants '16/'17 MJC Nursing

    Yeah, I feel like the majority of applicants were 68-73. I do feel at least five people will choose to attend elsewhere. I also know a few of the 80s that mentioned there scores applied to Columbia.
  15. Modesto Junior College ADN applicants '16/'17 MJC Nursing

    From what I heard you can't retake classes that you received a "C" or higher in. Is there some sort of loophole?